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"Differnt Steps To Stumble"
yeah!!! my 4th Album is coming at September 19th for more infos look at http://www.sinnbus.deRelease Party is on 2nd Oktober in White Trash, Diamond Lounge, Im happy to announce :with Transformer di Roboter!!! and DJ Renault Schubert

Different Steps To Stumble
sinnbus | Sep. 19th 2008 on LP + CD
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Where's The Hole
sinnbus | Sep. 5th 2008 digital
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Love Your Neighbour? No, Thanks
sinnbus | Apr. 13th 2007 on LP + CD
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How To Reduce Power Consumption To A Minimum
sinnbus | Jan. 27th 2006 on CD
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sinnbus/auf auf | Feb. 7th 2004 on LP
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Compilations: Klangkrieg :"gerdas grosse gruppe", Sinnbus "Transport" "Fly to utopia" , Transmediale compilation 04 2005 Berlin Insane sampler by Pale Music 2006: wired records compilation "4 Woman no cry" on Monika Enterprises

What about?
Bio starts now, boring to tell facts better to see it extacy uncontrollable architecture a changing house for the sounds, a lot of stories to tell, more ever what I wanted to tell you, better listen to the songs
and then I Thought something is missing in electronic music thats the dirt together with harmonies and Kraft that lift up your head and let the right explodee to the left brain half, and.fallover
MONOTEKKTONI is the Solo Project of the ex singer and guitarplayer of the Band Masonne, it unfortunately dont exists shes the singer of Jagoda
She uses for performing. Voice, english , german, kauderwelsch, synthesizer/Sequenzer, Sampler, Dj Mixer with Minisampler, delay , distortion. sometimes guitar

Since 2001 Monotekktoni played her ass off in different locations in Berlin (nbi, magnet Club, Bastard, Schokoladenmaria Club Transmediale, Berlin Biennale) and in Köln, Hamburg , Fusion Festival, Bielefeld, Wuppertal , Wien., Kopenhagen,London, Rom, Catania, Neapel, Paris, Athens, Frankfurt, Dresden, Hannover, and so on, she played with mode selector, kevin blechdom, heidi mortenson, barbara morgenstern and others
Before there were gigs on a few Tekknoparties that were interupted by throwed beercans and ended with the distribution of organcharity passports. But thats long ago.

Monotekktoni brings emotional violence together with electronic coldness- so it can catch also people that dont listen to electronic music.
she does not use Samples, everything you can hear is played by herself or recorded and recycled.
Strange grooves and fat beats hunting eachother, psychedelic Soundsscapes vanishing in archaic structures, hard basslines. Its hold together by an hypnotysing voice , catchy Melodies, dont wanna leave you alone anymore. the vocals are sometimes wanting you, then tenderly, screeming emotional, or cool reflected.

Monotekktoni Music is:
Courage to beautyness, no fear of uglyness
courage to search in the darkest edges with a magnifier, for a lost jewelry, that turns out to be a handfull of dust.
an ugly worm sitting drunken on your legs and steels your sunglasses
burning light, a nice child in a garbagecan,
songs for the dirt inside, inconsequenz, that opens new paths
not to graze at wellknown meadows,
tottering with stones between your teeth
tickle the synapses until they explode!
the opposite of ambience- this woman dont wants to create an ambience for us,
for glossing over each others emotions with slime and driveling and fulsome praise. She encourages us to be honest.
Courage to the chaos.
Music that doesnt know the fear of losing.
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