Novi, Michigan, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Christian / R&B / Jazz
Whus Good Everybody????????? Again 1st off, I gotta give all the Thanks, Honor, Praise, Worship, Credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because if it wasn't for himLOL"I Never Would Of Made It"!!!!!!!!!!!!I Also Thank God For Blessing Me These Past Three Years. He's blessed me with a Beautiful, Young, Sexy, Anointed Thickness, Woman Of God. My Baby, Tikeisha . I Love You Baby. I Thank God For My Family, (Mom & Dad, Paul, His Wife Angie, Christopher, Michelle, Uncle Jermey, And Grandparents). To My In-Law Family, Pastor Ricky Jones, 1st Lady-Momma Jones, Terrel, Kamille, Jaylyn, Cory & Stephanie. Thanks for all the luv and support. To Bishop Tudor Bismark & 1st Lady Chi-Chi. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of Jabula International Ministries. I gotta thank God for my former Pastor, Marvin L. Sapp & 1st Lady Sapp. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my gift and ministry not only at the Light but worldwide! To My Detroit Fam The Rutley Connection!!!!!!!.Looking For Great Things This Year And Beyond!!!!!!!! To My Peeps, Y.P.J. & F.V.C. You Still Already Know. Luv Ya FamTo My Boi's Minster Andrew Beresford & Pastor Antoine HeadspethLuv ya'll.Special shout out's to Arron Lindsey. Thanks for all that you do, I've learned so much from you in that one week, to Buddy Strong, thanks for working with me and all you do. "You Both Are Defintily Da Man". Gotta send special shout out's to my Indy Fam Albert Brownlee & Approved. Thanks for allowing me to share my gift of music ministry with you all. But Tell Albert It Would The Group Out A Whole Lot More If He Got Saved 1stLOLTo My Peeps Steve Anderson & Perfected Praise.Now Ya'll Just Crazy Wit Cha'll Singing, Anointing Selves.LOLThanks for letting me get down wit cha'llThanks To BMI & To The Stellar Awards. Thank you so much for a great beginning. To Every Pastor, Church, Ministry, Choir, Group, Chorale, Musican, And Solo Artist.I juss wanna say thank you for allowing me to be apart of your ministry. And if forgot anyonePlease charge it to my head and not my heart.I'm just looking for God to do some crazy, amazing things in this year of "08" The year of "New Beginnings" and beyond I truly Thank, Praise, Worship, Give Credit To, And Honor him for all that I've been through."I'm Stronger, I'm Wiser, I'm Better, Much BetterThank You God.Beacause "I've Made It Through". Keep Him 1st Always.I'm a Musician/Arranger/Producer. If you wanna know more about me. GET AT MEBlessedMRB.

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