Lucia Lie

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Indie
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The Downside EP is now available on iTunes

Since 2002, Lucia Lie has at its core been composed of singer and guitarist Rob Connolly and cellist Lorena Ruiz. The pair met while students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston; they recorded their first (self-titled) EP late at night in their dorm rooms. While the self-released EP was (unsurprisingly) a small budget production, it was well-received by critics, “Lucia Lie’s tales of loneliness and separation thrive…it almost seems that the more spare the band gets, the more power is revealed in the songs.”(Blah3 Music)
Encouraged by the success of their first release, Lucia Lie immediately began work on their first full-length, 2003’s I’ll Wake You in the Morning. Produced by AJ Mogis (Cursive, Get Up Kids, Criteria) and recorded at Presto! Studios, I’ll Wake You in the Morning showcased Lucia Lie’s strengths. On the album, Connolly’s voice is by turns acidic and reassuring, his lyrics vivid yet personal. Ruiz’ cello compliments the sound of the band perfectly, whether on the driving rocker “Nadi” or on the gentle acoustic “Lauren.” "To say that ’I’ll Wake You in the Morning’ is evocative is an understatement…Lucia Lie deftly wield big guitars, a punchy groove, and cello to make music that will ring true upon first listen."(
Following the release of I’ll Wake You in the Morning, Lucia Lie toured incessantly throughout 2004 and 2005, burning through backing members and tour vans almost as quickly as they did through American cities. Though the road is tough on a young band, Lucia Lie ultimately prevailed, with Connolly and Ruiz proving themselves to be unstoppable both creatively and professionally. Following their US tour, they spent time touring in Ruiz’ native Brazil, where they also recorded their third album, Sad Mister Mooney and Other Tall Tales with producer Andre Moraes (Sepultura). Revisiting some of the best songs from their past and also presenting for the first time some of their strongest live material, Sad Mister Mooney…proves Lucia Lie’s strengths as a post-hardcore rock outfit, one which walks the impossibly thin line between the frenetic energy of bands like Fugazi while maintaining a lyrical and musical subtlety that one more often sees from bands like the Smashing Pumpkins.
Now, in 2007, Lucia Lie are touring again, this time behind the release of their latest EP, Downside, which features a brashly eclectic new sound and as always, Connolly’s thought-provoking lyrics. When they’re not on the road, Rob and Lorena spend their time in upstate NY, recording in Connolly’s studio, Convergence Recordings, making jewelry (Lorena sells custom-made pieces at the band’s shows), and working on material for their side-project, the alt-country Little Lucy. A new, as-yet untitled Lucia Lie full-length is slated for release in 2008.

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