In Archives - 'Lost Cause' Official Music Video - Video
In Archives - Lost Cause. 2014.

All Music Written By In Archives.
Recorded By Kel Pinchin.
Mixed and Mastered By Brian Hood @ 456 Recordings.
Video By Zak Pinchin Media.


All Rights Reserved.


So many endless roads,
Night fall, black skies and the rain is cold,
I can't see through when the roses are dead,
Or even hear the voice inside my head,
I never wanted this,
Living here I don't exist,
Drowned sorrows and broken glass,
Bury it, leave it in the past

This is hell,
Leave it in the past

We all could say it was a long time coming,
Sat with friends I use to know,
No, things aren't okay,
These feelings havent gone away

This isn't the first time that,
These thoughts have past straight through my mind,
Like a sickness burning inside,
And changing everything insight,
With every breath I take,
I sleep just to feel awake,
Forgetting it wont change a thing,
Believing in the words I sing

These feelings havent gone away,
Gone away

Past and gone,
Thinking will I be here next year,
Loved alone,
Thinking will I be here next year

I sleep just to feel awake,
Living with every breath I take,
I sleep just to feel awake,
Trapped inside, outside of, the thoughts in my mind
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