Columbus, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Alternative / Metal
Live My Last is a captivating band charting new waters in the modern rock genre. The quintet hails from Columbus, OH and has continually set the bar for others to follow with their amazing ability to combine melodic, ear-popping hooks with a straight-ahead rock vibe. This combination allows the band to cast a wide net, capturing the imagination of fans.and competitors.alike.
Now, anticipating the release of their new full length album "Convictions", recorded at Spider Studios with producer Ben Schigel, Live My Last is poised to take their new music, and their high energy stage show to legions of new fans.
Live My Last consists of Justin Wilson on vocals, Brock Richards and Brandon Friedel on guitars, and Mark Fox, anchoring the rhythm section on drums. The members bring their varied backgrounds together to create a refreshing and distinctive sound that is uniquely Live My Last.

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