Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames

Lawtell, Louisiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
2-step / Jam Band / Indie
Leon Chavis has bold ambitions: He wants to change the way you listen, understand and dance to Zydeco music. For Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames, this push forward means looking back and re-examining, mastering, understanding the roots of Zydeco Music and Creole culture. For Leon, he wants to unleash the accordion's full potential as a musical instrument that can further convey a story of a living tradition in a wide range of emotions.
Leon Chavis born and raised in Lawtell, Louisiana, is a lot like the kid living next door to you that you watch grow up into something special. With his humble demeanor, easy going attitude and country boy charm, Leon Chavis could easily be somebody that you know, hang out with on a trail ride, or see at a local town festival.
However, make no mistake; Leon Chavis is part of a new generation of Zydeco Musicians proving that real talent, hard work, persistence, and charisma still have a place in the music industry. A formally trained musician versed in a variety of instruments, Leon comes from a tradition of music and a world musical experience that encompasses Creole music, Zydeco, Southern Soul, R & B, Hip Hop, and Jazz.
Anchored by his father and mentor, Joseph "Chopper" Chavis, a gifted singer, producer and songwriter with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, and the vision of Russel Labbe (one of the group's founders), Leon Chavis & the Zydeco Flames are a formidable musical group whose silky vocals and high energy performances are making the world take notice! The band has become a favorite on the trailride scene, with local church bazaars, festivals and clubs, as well as performing at various music festivals nation wide.
With his incredibly smooth voice, clever lyrics, and 12 red hot tracks, his debut CD, The Heat Is On is a multi-faceted project that is rooted in tradition, yet clearly incorporate contemporary musical elements and experiences of today's musicians.
There is a fresh new sound and movement in the Zydeco Nation. One can hear the rumblings over the sounds of crowd as Leon sings the anthem:
"Everybody come on out, just to see Leon and the Zydeco Flames, because the Heat Is On!"

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