Mark Kozelek

San Francisco, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk / Down-tempo / Rock
caldo verde (currently)
mark kozelek is the genius behind the red house painters and sun kil moon. in the early nineties, the red house painters entered the music scene offering their brand of dark, slow, and melodic rock, which would later be known as slowcore or down tempo. the painters started their career by signing with the record label 4ad, which was and still is a well respected indie label. they released a total of 5 albums with 4ad, including down colorful hill, the self titled LP's (also known as the rollercoaster and bridge albums), ocean beach, and a greatest hits/rarities collection entitled retrospective. after the band parted ways with 4ad, they released two other albums, songs for a blue guitar (with supreme/island records) and old ramon (with sub pop records). after over a decade with the red house painters, mark kozelek released 3 solo albums at the turn of the century, including the rock n roll singer EP with badman records (which consisted of a few covers and new originals), whats next to the moon, also with badman (an ACDC covers album, sporting stripped down re-rendered versions of bon scott era tunes), and a live album entitled white christmas live, which was released thru sub pop. he also arranged a tribute album to john denver, released again thru badman, providing 3 tracks for the disc. in 2003, mark released ghosts of the great highway with jet set records under the moniker sun kil moon. the album recieved much praise and proved to the music world that the koz wasnt going anywhere but forward and better. after touring with sun kil moon, and playing numerous solo shows, sun kil moon released tiny cities, a modest mouse covers album in 2005 thru caldo verde records (Mark's own label), which sported re-rendered versions of various modest mouse tunes. and in late 2006, another live solo album was released thru Caldo Verde, entitled Little Drummer Boy. in the spring of 2008, Sun Kil Moon released their 3rd album, titled April, to critical acclaim, even noted on the Billboard top 200! a hardback book of lyrics, notes, tunings, and setlists, entitled Nights of Passed Over, was released in junction with April, as well as a disc of rarities and b-sides titled the Nights LP. aside from the many rhp, solo, and skm albums, kozelek has also contributed to many other albums and projects throughout his extensive and prolific career, whether it be with singing, instrumentation, or production. and even after being in the music business for well over a decade, mark kozelek shows no sign of backing down anytime soon. so whether it be with the red house painters, solo, sun kil moon, or any other version mark decides to throw our way, one can rest assured that he will always create original, well-crafted, and deeply passionate music to share with the world. mark kozelek is not only one of the best songwriters of our age, but also one of my biggest inspirations. my hat is surely tipped to the greatness that is mark kozelek!

and in respect for mark and his music, please do not use this space as a form of advertisement. this is a place for fans and friends to experience mark's music. any banners and flyers in the comments section unrelated to koz and his music will be deleted, and you will also be removed from the friends list. please do not abuse this page, thank you.


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