King Wolveryne

ATLANTA, Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / R&B / Soul
rhythmmonsta productionz
This dude was born to do music!!! since the age of 4, wolveryne used to bang on the stairs and walls and made his parents buy him a drum set!!!! He took long pieces of card board, and cut cardboard guitars out, and made his parents buy him a guitar!!!!! Wolveryne grew up in the church choir and honed his ability of singing, and a perfect knack for perfect harmony arrangement!!!! In grade school, wolveryne wrote his own cadence for his schools marching bandsince then, wolveryne has done music for rap-a-lot, virgin, (the luniz) ruthless (king T, bone) sick wit it (e-40) just to name a few.He writes is own lyrics, make his own music, arranges is own, records himself, mixes and engineers itThis guy is a music machine!!!!!!!
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