Kay Konnors

Hessen, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Pop

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Hi ,
my name is Kay Konnors.
But my friends call me Kay or Sweetheart ;->
I was born in Frankfurt/Germany.
Not even really in that town , more in the Air.
means that i was born . in an Aeroplane!
it was not a Joke , just a Jumbo
What do you think a Woman can do when She was born in the Air ?
She becomes a profi Singer.
Here I am !!!!!!!!

History : ( Im not that old :->)
Growing up in a small Town near Frankfurt.
As a child i played with Boys only (Soccer and Tennis what do YOU think ,hä ?)
With eleven i start makinMusic.
The Boys had not the right Key Note (When i hit them) a Microphon Sounds better :)
My First Music experiences was in different local Bands.
But it was not right for me. age 17 . I wanted to travel.
I had the wish to see the whole world in 80 Days , or in 24 Hours(Time is Money ;->)
Italy, France , Norway ,Netherlands ,Monaco , Austria, Suisse ,Germany i played a lot in Europe,
South -West- East -North . but i wanted more.
Then i get contacts to foreign booking offices - Overseas -
And then i played in the Arabique Emirates, All Countries in Asia and the rest of the Ball
(Im going to fast, i think i miss the Northpole - sorry Santa )
after five years Musical Traveling around the Earth ,(i dont get it in 80 Days :-)
i want to make a Holiday at a place where i never been beforGreece.
Love at the first sight.
Cretean island of Miracales and Dreams.
Ok.they had just Red Vine and Fish insted Milk and Honey ,but i found something very important.


Eyes, deep blue as the Ocean , and a perfect smile , what do you need more?
All i wanted was , to stay and work, in that wonderful country for the rest of my Days.
Little Kaywill Stay , forever in Greece.
After the six month Contract Time , i quit ,and leave Germany.
When i arrived at the Airport, i know i was a no Name in these Country.
So i said to my self . Keep on Rockin. Goooooooood Morning ,Greece , wake up .Kay is here.
(jetzt gibts eins auf die Mütze :)

The Day after ;-> i had my first bump.
I had Show after Show , i couldnt belive this.
Open Air Concerts, Island Hopping Tour Shows , Tv Specals ,Clubtours
I recorded with an independent greek femal singer , three Longplayer
(one Gold ,one round, and one, something in beetween ;-> Hey , im a girl)

In the beginning i wanted to make one week holidays and now you can see what happend to me.
Live is full of Miracles.

Now i live in Athens/Greece (where else ? for those People that visite NOW my Page !!!)
and work on Different New and good old Songs to create my new musical way.

Half of the year ill be in Frankfurt to work also with German Musicians on my new Project.

Credits : OkMy Bank Institute is not my Friend , but they respect me.

Tour :
Hilton International Hotels (Germany, Asia ,Arabiqe Emirates)
Hi-Fi Messe - Düsseldorf
Jahrhunderthalle - Frankfurt
Deutschlandhalle - Reifenberg
Kongresshalle - Giessen
Stadthalle - Usingen
" - Mannheim
" - Bremen
" - Stuttgart
" - Flensburg
" - Berlin
" - Aachen
and many more . now you know Germany a little better ;->

Club Tour
- Rom, Venice, Milano - Italy
- Monaco;
- Straßburg , Paris - France
- Insbruck ,Ischgl , Davos -Austria
- Luzern ,St. Moritz - Suisse
- Amsterdam , Rotterdam - Netherlands
- Madrid, Barcelona - Spain
- Thessaloniki ,Patra , Athen ,Corfu ,Santorini, Crete , Lesbos ,Rhodos - Greece
and many more.

4 Weeks Seacruises - Norway to Germany
and Ill did it 2 times . not on Highways , just on High waves , it was an up and down : (

Open Air Tour :
Museumsuferfest - Frankfurt
Wäldchestag - Frankfurt
Oktoberfest - München
Hessentag - Bensheim
Osthafenfest - Frankfurt
Crete Tavros Stadium
Athens Stadium
Vollos Stadium near Thessaloniki
and many more.

Beach Concerts all around Creece

sorry , no Concertlist , because i must make music again.
This will be in my Biographie Book named .
Kay Konnors - the unknown Universe :->

Tv Specials :
Funkausstellung Berlin ZDF
Drehscheibe HR3
Pro 7
Grand Prix Eurovision, Greece / 2nd Place , Title - One more Time ( i was the winner of the Hearts :-> )
Ert 1
Antenna 1
Pyräus Channel /all Greece
and ? many more ;->

Support :
Offenbacher Stadthalle /Tina Turner
Tournee with Jerry Lewis (2 Month)and his 60 !!! Person Orchestra(one girl and 61 Boys on 1 stage ;)
Thessaloniki La Mirage /Angela Dimitriou (2 Month)
Thessaloniki La City / Costas Tournas
and all of the other Singers and songwriters in Greece - thanx for your help and Support- a big Hug

In Memory of my very best Friend and the Person who had the Power and the Heart to handle me 7 Years at Home and Stage , at different Studios , and different Records (Round and Gold ;-> ) , at Bars and Clubs , at others ,
or our own , in good Times and in bad Times , in Sunnydays and Rainydays , in Funny and in seriously Ways.
The One and Only.

Rena Verakou you will never bee Forgotten !

Kay Konnors July 2007

R.I.P. Michael !
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