Jokey Ent.

Jamaica, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop
Jokey Ent.
Joe Black & Noise, two extremely talented Hip-hop producers, formed to create, Jokey Entertainment. Joe Black & Noise both reside in Jamaica, Queens, New York City. They are hard working producers creating high quality instrumentals and have production credits for the likes of Jim Jones, M.O.B, Melissa Morgan and many more industry artists. In 2007, member Noise created a production crew called ‘Team Official’ on the website, This crew contains many collaborative producers which help the team get work done as professional, recognized producers.

The dynamic duo currently sells high-quality tracks on their page. With over 35 beats sold the team has achieved a recognizable, Bronze status. Jokey Ent. have also managed to hold a firm, world-wide ranking on 2 out of 10,000+ producers on the website. With many production credits, mix-tape beats sold and experience, the team remains determined to take the industry by storm.

bUsTa RhYmEs speaks on jokEyenT

Jokey Ent. | MySpace Video
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