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Montclair, New Jersey, US
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Americana / Roots Music / Blues
Bub Riskey Music (BMI)
A Full Irish Breakfast

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One of Wallace’s earliest inspirations, the late DAVE VAN RONK, served as a mentor and friend during Wallace’s formative years as an artist and introduced him to the music of LEADBELLY, KOKOMO ARNOLD, FURRY LEWIS, and CHARLIE PATTON. After 18 months of work with VAN RONK, he told Wallace he had showed him everything he could. "You got it in you to be a musician, but it doesn’t mean anything. If there's anything else you can do besides this, do it. The business will break your heart."
Wallace didn't take the advice. His dynamic debut, "MY LUCKY DAY," released on PALMETTO RECORDS, was an exploration of his influences - a little folk, a tinge of rock, some country and loaded with gritty blues. For his second full length album, "SHE USED TO CALL ME HONEY," Wallace turned to experimentation and pushed the boundaries and expectations of what a singer-songwriter can accomplish in both the studio and as a live performer. Edgy, dangerous and with a greater emphasis on the raw energy of his craft, Wallace emerged with a stunning album that both diverged from and complemented his previous material.
Not much has changed since Wallace completed his last studio album. Performing both solo and with his trio, he has followed a relentless schedule of live performances and has just released his third release, "SUICIDE SUITCASE", a mix of original arrangements of traditional songs as well as new material. The collection is a reflection of Wallace’s station in life: he has fallen in and out of love again, busted a few knuckles and bruised a couple of shins. Even though his loyal following will notice a certain wistfulness in the lyrics, they will also recognize a new confidence in Wallace’s voice and guitar. His humor has gotten a little darker and the sound a little looser. Consciously unpolished, "SUICIDE SUITCASE" promises to captivate old and new fans alike.
"He's one of the most arresting new talents I've ever heard. When I hear him I get the same feeling I got the first time I heard Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie." -DAVE VAN RONK
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"When an artist sounds like a young Springsteen meeting Tom Waits, there's lots of room for good listening. Musically trained by Dave van Ronk, Wallace is a unique artist with dark forboding shadows and Delta drone. Wallace pours out cranking picking and chords from his electric dobro. The band cooks like an acoustic blast of whoop-ass yet he can wax rhapsodic and smooth, too. The disk exudes truth and character that really catches you and there are undeniable similarities to John Mooney and Frank Morey within. The disk opens with Sleepy John Estes' "Broke and Hungry", done real raw. "Two Busted Legs" captures misery and confusion just like a horrible nightmare. In Jeremy's hands, "love" is an unusual concept from "Lillian" and its drunken pleas to explaining that however "Virginia" wants things is how they will be. Wallace writes visually crisp and emotionally solid with mortality, life and reality exposed without prevarication or prettying. A keeper of a fine one!" -DR. BLUES REVIEWS -
"Just received an advance copy. Long-awaited follow-up to Honey, which I practically worn out thru replays. Worth the wait. Jeremy's voice sounds grittier than ever, the band is a streamroller, and the songs are first-rate. I'm not a huge fan of country blues, but Jeremy's singing and songcraft seem to transcend the genre. Can't wait to see him perform in 08." -IRWIN CHUSID - WFMU 91.1 FM NJ.
"Wallace blends the best of American roots music, with a little bit of folk, some rock, a little country and a healthy dose of gritty blues, all enhanced by the distinctive sound of his resonator guitar. "Suicide Suitcase" is a self-produced work intentionally unpolished that captures the musical nuances that Wallace and his band inject in his songs and their different interpretations of cover tunes." -MOHAWK VALLEY BLUES SOCIETY -
"The best art is often dangerous, and Wallace's art is dangerous in the same way Lou Reed is dangerous. He writes so well, he almost makes you believe his self-destructive lifestyle is a romantic deal." -DON WILCOCK - The Record-Troy, NY.
"After listening to the CD (Suicide Suitcase) a second time, I am convinced that Jeremy Wallace is the real deal. This is Americana at it's best. Someone please sign this guy." -PAUL BABIN - Manager for blues legend JOHN HAMMOND
"A little folk, a tinge of rock, some country and loaded with gritty blues, Jeremy Wallace's dynamic songs and style bring a fresh voice and attitude to traditional american music." -THE SOUNDING BOARD CONCERT SERIES -
Jeremy Wallace Trio, from Montclair, N.J., won the 12th Annual Blues Talent Competition on Saturday July 12, 2009 at The Sedalia Center, Big Island. Festival honcho Harry Turner sent the news in an e-mail on Sunday, along with this quote: "All I can say is WOW!!! Jeremy is one VERY unique and talented guy." Wallace, who had folk giant Dave Van Ronk for a mentor, is at Sure enough sounding good. With the win, Wallace and his band will represent James River Blues Society at the International Blues Competition, next year in Memphis, Tenn.- TAD DICKENS - The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA
"Jeremy Wallace's sharp combination of finely crafted stories, tongue-in-cheek humor, heartbreaking details and blatant honesty has earned him a reputation as one of the finest songwriters on the blues circuit. Eschewing all that is formulaic or predictable, Jeremy's art is a throwback to the gruff-voiced, irony laced "three minute novels" of his top influences: Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tom Waits and Leon Redbone. The songs are tales of woe and ultimate hope told after hours to the bartender after last call." -CAFFE LENA, Saratoga Springs, NY
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