St. Louis, Missouri, US
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Hey, guys it’s Isaac. Some of you might be wondering why this site hasn’t been updated in a while. Well, I’m sad to report that jenna is no longer a band. What seemed like a good idea to return to Jenna turned out to be a pretty bad one. Fighting about screamers and music style sucked the fun out making Jenna music. Okay, so we didn’t really fight but the style issue was pretty big. As for screaming, first we had Sean’s brother and then we got Jtab back but for some reason nothing really fit. I was next in line to become the screamer and that was something I didn’t want to do. Tyler, TJ, and I all had wanted to do poppier music for a while so it just seemed like the right to do it. In truth, Jenna just wasn’t the same anymore and if it wasn’t going to be the way it was then I didn’t want to be in it. So we started GOOD THROUGH FRIDAY. GTF was what I’d been wanted to do for a while anyway, I just happen to have people as talented as Tyler, TJ, and Sean in the band. So Jenna, it’s so sad to see you go. but it’s not the end for us.

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