James Beau Edwards

Mississippi, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Southern Rock / Country
JAMES BEAU EDWARDS was born in Meridian, Mississippi; the birthplace of "The Father of Country Music", Jimmie Rodgers. Playing guitar since the age of 5, James absorbed the musical influences that surrounded him; be it Bluegrass, Country, Blues, or Southern Rock. The musical tapestry of the south was fertile ground in which to grow, and by the age of 9 James was performing for crowds numbering in the thousands at bluegrass festivals across the region. " It was a wonderful way to learn, watching, and even getting to perform with living legends. For a kid like me to get to meet, not to mention play with people like that. are you kidding?!" The inevitable happened, and James grew into a renowned musician, and formidable performer. With the influences of his youth melding together into a unique style, James caught the eye of the band Southfire. Freddie May heard Southfire for the first time at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville and right away noticed that the lead guitar player (James Edwards) was a standout performer and virtuoso. Freddie says he knew if all else failed, James could be a star. Later when I heard him sing and play guitar with his own three piece band, I knew that star status was even more a reality. When James started presenting me with songs he had written, I knew then that he was going to be a triple threat. One day in the studio with Southfire Danny Bailey said to me, Lets never lose touch with James, because hes what makes this band. When the band disbanded, James was the only one in the band that continued to be serious about being a star, so Freddie and Danny decided to work with him as a solo artist. " I think the Southfire experience was a real turning point for me.maybe I should say the point of no return . It helped me realize that not only did I want this, I had to have it", says James. After the group disbanded James began spending every week in Nashville, and every weekend on the road doing as many as 150 shows in a year, all the while writing, and formulating his vision for the career he wanted. " As a student as well as a fan of music, all of my favorites were ground breakers, rebels, and they all shook it up a little. It's funny, but they're all Hall of Famers too. Cash, Haggard, Waylon, even Lynyrd Skynyrd did something nobody else was doing, but from their experience they knew the people wanted it. That's exactly how I see it now. For me the sky's the limit. I can take my music to the people anywhere, and there's something in there for everybody. Thankfully, it's not some fake thing thought up by a room full of suits. It's what I absolutely love doing," says James. And he does it well, handling the vocals, as well as all of the guitars and banjo on the new album, and writing or co-writing all of the songs. LIVE, JAMES BEAU EDWARDS truly is a performer's performer, virtually owning the stage, and winning over fans with an enthusiasm rarely seen these days. With the production team of May, Bailey, and Edwards riding the faders again, no doubt that vision is swiftly becoming a reality, and the music is the proof. The Genuine-Double Rectified-Kick Butt-Southern Rockin' Country of JAMES BEAU EDWARDS is a groundbreaking, rebellious shot over the bow of Country Music. Reserve that spot at the Hall of Fame. - Winner, best guitarist in Mississippi, Studied Music Industry University of Southern MS, Toured internationally, George Canyon- SOCAN Ent. of the year/ Co-wrote song on Jamey Johnson's RCA/BNA release "The Dollar"-"Ray Ray"s Juke Joint" /Guitar on Lorrie Morgan's " The Color Of Roses" (studio version) Cuts by Jimmie Van Zant, Shane Owens, Lance Combs, Paul Zettler, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Owner/ President- Katie Beth Music Publishing/ BMI
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