Implore The Black Sky

Northern Cambria, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Hardcore / Thrash
We're not a band anymore and we haven't been for a while. if you'd like an mp3 copy of our songs email me. just put implore the black sky in the title.

Formed late in 2004 with ex-members of Western PA metal bands (The Book of Danyul and Coldflesh), Implore the Black Sky yearn(s) to fill each song with intricate metal that doesn't require a calculator in order to appreciate it. Listeners will find themselves bombarded with crushing breakdowns, piercing riffs, and a side of themselves they had never wished to ponder.
If you have any questions about what Implore the Black Sky stand(s) for, just ask. Private discussion would get the point across without infuriating anyone.

Herd of the Mistaken
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Thanks goes out to shane for the video. The video was filmed May 3rd at the Geistown Fire Hall.

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