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Noise Kontrol
The band was formed at the beginning of the year 2001, having as members to:
ALEX VOURDALAK-guitars, vocals and drum box
DORSEREG-vocals and violins
During the period of this one alignment they record a disc with ten songs in the studies Ictus that it takes for title "SHADE", on this disc I'm free and Teddy bear can name representative songs for the band as Aura and Sigh for an Angel. From the recording the band begins to appear in diverse stages in Mexico City and in other states of the Mexican Republic, the people receive them with pleasure and this way Immum Coeli's name begins to be known.
By the ends of the year 2002 ELENA and DANIEL leaves the band leaving the foundations for the beginning of the following cycle.
Immum Coeli, now DORSEREG, SANCTTIC and VOURDALAK take a recess and in February 2003 they appear successfully in Puebla, Mexico.
In April, 2003 they invite POLLY ANNE to form a part of the band as keyboardist and vocalist, for what the band takes new courses, make concrete new sounds and a new page is opened in the history of the band.
The current alignment is shaped for:
POLLY ANNE - keyboards, vocals & yrics
DORSEREG - vocals, guitar, keyboard & violin
ALEX VOURDALAK - guitars, drum programming, keyboards, vocals & lyrics

IMMUM COELI means bottom of sky, in the astrological slang one says to the fourth house that it is the place where there converge all the feelings that cannot be seen to the first instance, also it symbolizes the most secret side of the personality having as well as base the emotions and the world of the subconscious, our roots like persons and what afflicts us from the birth.
In the musical aspect Immum Coeli is a diverse band in it sounds for the mixture in the musical influences of their members, as what it can have dark very marked dyes, Gothic sounds of beginning of the eighties, electronic ,pop and more.
October 2004
The band begins to record their second album named "LUST" material that it was recorded and prepared over a two year period at the "Cuarto Arm�nico" studio in Mexico City, under the musical production of Jacobo Mart�nez and with the executive production of Dorsereg and Sancttic.
Lust contains twelve tracks, Black Dahlia, Absence, Lust, No light are some of them. The lyrics were composed by Polly Anne and Alex Vourdalak while the music was composed and arranged by Immum Coeli. The lyrics of the songs are diverse and deep, Black Dahlia is based on James Ellroys book that speaks about Elizabeth Short story who was tortured and murderer in a very ugly and hard way, we all know the story but this lyric in his particular way was handled without the typical illness but with elegance and honoring this human life. We can mention also the song of Absence that gives us nostalgic and empty notes with a beautiful lyric about lost and miss someone. Immum Coeli tries to rescue the gothic and dark basic sounds of the eighties what it does not mean of that it turns out of be a monotonous and expired sound, the offer of the group complements itself with a merger of atmospheres and environments of the variants of the dark, as the electronic sounds and the Gothic thing happening for sounds that go from the punk and near to the pop without any clich�. The band proposes an elegant sound with style that makes happen to the listener through different states of mind and emotions and to take them across a trip of nostalgic, irreverence, oneiric atmospheres, sensations of search and especially respecting their different influences without falling down in the repetition or in the copy. Immum Coeli is a band that deserves to be listened for their musical offer and their aesthetics.
IN 2010 the band is invited to be a part of FIAT SONUS
an independent label who believe in them and now they are participating in PRAELUDIUM the first FIAT SONUS compilation.

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