Rome - Celine in Jerusalem - Video
Album: ROME - The Hyperion Machine (2016)
Lyrics: The road is alight with quiet lonely deaths
And to this day, the guns we stored away show we were soldiers once
But left the battles unfought, the lessons untaught
But now we've brought you here, Celine
Scarred with festival wounds
And it seems like...
It's not an easy thing to hold you close
It's not an easy thing to hold you dear
It's not an easy thing to lift you up, regardless
It's not an easy thing to hold you down

And it's all in the fight
And it's quite like the old men said:
It's all going to hell like innocence,
That dumb leper who lost his bell
You're wandering the world meaning no harm
Finding no calm
War like peace is tidy and cleat at a distance
Yet still it seems like...

Hand in hand, with measured steps and slow
We take the solitary way
Earthly strong and earthly wise
Now go name your fate
Name your demise
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