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Album: Mirages [EP]
Artist: Galactic Pegasus
Year: 2012
Origin: Canada
Genre: Progressive Metal


And you taught me what I was truly born for.
I would've never thought I'd come this far.
I knew that this could be something more
I looked through the glass at the man in the mirror,
And looked deeply at the face we share.
His eyes are wrought by the weight of restless nights,
Trepidation keeps haunting his mind.
Is there a way I can silence his qualms?
Is there a way I can silence my qualms?

I'm so scared to lose my humility
All my life, I've been fed by complacency.
Swallowing my words has only purged my life,
Until you came and showed me the light.
Removed the clouds in a world so dark
I am now a grain of hope
On a shore of black sand and rocks.

The road before me has no path,
Should I risk walking on unmarked lands?
(Illuminate the way
Show me colours in grey)
I can't feel the ground beneath my feet
The water's rising, and I'm almost neck deep
(Shine the hope that is left
Inside of me)

And I never thought I'd change,
But I never want to stay the same.
Who I am today refuses to be afraid.
I won't let my past define me,
But I'll always remember my history.
This hope that you've given me
Gave me the strength to keep fighting.
This is my conviction, and I'll say it loud
I knew that I would make proud.

Even though I was born in a world of hate,
I followed my dreams and adopted music.
Fostering this passion with every note I play
Is a love that they'll never take away.
They fake their fate because they are blind.
I don't bother with them; they'll fade with time.

Shine lights
Polaris guide me
Thank you for all you've given me
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