Hyperions Fate

Rijswijk-Bonn, Noord-Holland, Ni
Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Experimental / Classical
Hyperionsfate together with Renate Methoefer (netherland) as a Freelance-Cyberband was founded nov. 2006

Renate Gabrielle Methfer: Born in Rotterdam, moved to Rijswijk:
Starting with pianolessons when I was 18 years old. Loved the music of Kayak and tried to play some Pink Floyd at my pianolessons. I soon realised I would never become the next Rick Wakeman, so I focussed myself on music-theory, which my piano-teacher told me a bit about. She learned me some counterpoint (which can still be heard in my music), but since she herself wasn't that much interested in music-theory, she advised me to go and learn composing, which I never did. I tried some composing while I was at school, during the Dutch classes and just wrote notes on music paper.
Got my first synthesizer and played together with a schoolmate on harmonium, recorder and vocals, and a friend of his on acoustic guitar. We never performed but just rehearsed occasionally.
Later I recorded lots of improvisation stuff and did one performance at a fashion-show in 1983.
When the computer came into my life and I got some music software in 1990, I really started composing. I wasn't limited to my own limited technique, since I got a faithfull musician in the computer.
I still wanted musicians playing my music and in H.G. Boddin I finally found someone who wanted to work together. I was very happy when he invited me for a coorporation.
Hans-Günter Boddin (Ger): guitar, midi-guitar, bit keys, mellotron, composings, programming. Different genres: rock, blues, symphonic and others. Sides: myspace.com/hgboddin (Princess Eldi), also on most common boards
Princess Eldi collaborations: Renate Methöfer (NL), Smidi Beatz (USA), FrenchTV (USA), Angelique and Daemons (Russia), Steve Hart (Scotl.), Agent of NickMays Whimwise

special thx to them all for their close friendship
Princess Eldi was the guitar and composer of "Clark Benson Group" and "Goin Sad" in Bonn Area in the 70s.

I listened to the first song - the Birds - and while its an electronica piece it is very "Baroque" in its structure and style. In fact if JS Back were alive today and composing, this is probably in my opinion what his stuff would sound like -- though I am no expert in classical music. The last piece - calling - has a nice irish/scotish flare to it. (01.01.07, soundclick community).
Joel Irwin. Audio and sound producer for Houston Grand Opera (HGO). Composer and Multiaward Producer (Houston) myspace comments:
Your music takes the most wonderfully unexpected turns!---- Wat een speciale muziek! ;) ---- Very trippy stuff! ---- Your music has a spirit!! ---- What utterly intriguing music you weave. keep living your dreams friends ---- I've never heard such twisted music. I like it! ;-) ---- very ethereal! ---- Sehr interessant, diese akustische Gentle Giant - Zappa Fusion. ---- Wow, you have so much layers in your music, I've to hear it much more to discover them all:-) ---- Unusual music. definitely original! ---- Your music is full of incredible panoramic otherworldly sounds evoking fantastic imageries ---- your music makes me feel like I'm in space, very cool:) ---- I find this to be amazing to see that from the perspective that a ton of notes are just flying like a high flying circus act or something, very impressive. ---- (Miss u) You have definately got me hooked. Another nice track full of movement and variety in sound and mood. Lead guitar ranging from spooky horror to early genesis. Rated

Background Pic is Castle Eltz, nearby my Home at Moselle River
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