Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Hip Hop
HARDFLIP is [by definition] an aerial skateboarding trick which combines a frontside pop shove-it with a kickflip.

But seven guys straight outta Mönchengladbach/Germany bring more motion in this word than a single skater could ever do! Influences from old-school to the typical NYHC-style and also some metal - and beatdown-parts, combined to a refreshing and pissed-of mixture, are resulting in a wide variety of songs.

Founded back in summer 2000, the band started as a 5 piece (fortunately with two singers) and as usual for bands with fresh force and clever ideas they played their asses off to promote their stuff and worked hard on their songwriting to record their first MCD "Bunkercore" in december 2001[released on Spill the Blood Records, a label from the guys who founded SETTLE THE SCORE].

A load of Shows followed with bands like SETTLE THE SCORE, DOWN MY THROAT, DIE… MY DEMON, NO TURNING BACK, DURANGO 95, DEATH OR GLORY, BLACK FRIDAY 29 and a lot more.

After a bunch of line-up changes HARDFLIP ended up as the seven-headed hydra in 2004. Again they concentrated on writing new songs and recorded the very best of them in the beginning of 2005 in the Sonic Sound Studios in Viersen.

In 2005 TRUE TILL DEAF released HARDFLIP's full-length CD "Sicknature Anthems", eleven great songs, more powerful and unrestrained than a small city like MG could stand it all alone. Some shows followed to push the record forward and songs for a new record were written.

2007-2009: the guns'n'roses years. in february 2007 the songs for the MCD "Triangle Offense" were recorded. Musically HARDFLIP kept up their mixture of different styles with a slighty enforced focus on rap vocals. Unfortunately the final release delayed until august 2009 due to the search for a proper artwork and some personal stuff. Anyway, don't miss that one and get in touch to get a copy!

So check out the new songs, HARDFLIP is out to spit 'em in your face - live as hard hitting as through your private stereo.

H A R D F L I P is what you see.


Hardflip - Lift my visor @Kultopia Hagen 2008

Hardflip-Lift my Visor

Hardflip - F3000 @Kultopia Hagen 2008

Hardflip - MGBC @Projekt42 Mönchengladbach 2008

Hardflip - Gone @Mono Mönchengladbach 2005

Gone Mono MG

Hardflip [New Record Out Now!!!] | MySpace Video
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