Hans Dahlgren

Stockholm, Stockholms län, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Experimental / Electronica
Born in Stockholm, april 17th in 1965. My interest in music began at the age of three when I forced my mother to buy me a pop record, which turned out to be the Beatles single Lady Madonna/The Inner Light. The Beatles however, didn't have as much impact on me as The Rutles. Everything I learned, I learned from The Rutles.
I started to play guitar at the age of ten and I played in a couple of bands during my teenage years. In the mid 80's I felt it was about time to take some piano lessons and strangely enough I became the bass player in a band with some friends. I began to build a home studio as well in that era. In lack of time I sold the equipment after a few years but happily for me I now have a brand new studio in my home. Whoopeee!
I've been playing bass in various bands since 1986 and I'm presently a member of the band "JAZZKAPELLET", which I consider a healthy and inspiring musical enviornment. Since march 2008 I'm also the bassplayer of "Grumpy Old Men", which probably is an even more suitable enviornment, due to the name.
But this space is mainly for my own music. The songs are from my album "Mermaid Of The Lunar Sea", recorded jan/feb 2005. Because of MySpace's file size limit I've been forced to compress Curriculum Vitae and Eye Of The Storm into a lower quality in order to make them fit. That's said just to explain the poor sound quality in some places.

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