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The History :GUT, the most controverse, most futuristic and maybe one of the biggest grind acts of all time in music history. This is how everything started from the very beginning. The project GUT was founded in the year 1991 by Organic Masturbator Of 1000 Splatter Whores aka H.B. Boner aka Hott Beatz Bonassis on drums and Tourterer Of Lacerated And Satanic Tits aka G.Cheezus on guitar. They wanted to show the world their love for grindcore and other extreme styles of music. In the same year G.G. Ollin aka Spermsoaked Consumer Of Pussy Barbeque aka Bukkake Boy , a local friend and writer joined the band as the vocalist. GUT was born. Some months later after two times rehearsing they recorded the first demotape - "Drowning In Female Excrements". This tape with its entertaining intros, guttural growls, ultra deep tuned guitars, blastbeatz and groovy sickness found alot new supporters in the world wide underground scene and created a new genre "PORN-GORE-GRIND". With absurd pseudonyms, splatter and porn song titles and the anti-human testifies of G.G.Ollin, GUT mutated from a normal grindcore act to a "porngrind legend". In spring 1992 GUT built an improvised 8-track studio in the rehearsal room and recorded there the 16 Songs which were released later on three 7"eps. As the first one came up "Spermanys Most Wanted", next was "Pussyfied/Assified" 7"ep. The third one called "Hyperintestinal Vulva Desecration". In July 1994 GUT entered the studio again to record more new songs for their growing fan base. All this stuff was released on four split 7"eps which were distributed by different underground labels over the year 1994. So GUT had a fine output without overflowing the scene. In the years 1991 - 1994 GUT also played some club gigs, mostly in the south west and the eastern part of Germany and those concerts submited GUT a cult acquaintance. The extreme stage acting and sourish kind of handling the public made GUT very equivocal. Most music clubs proclaimed GUT to be banned from their stages after seeing the show. The concerts were just to extreme for most of the folks. Forget Marylin Manson, GUT shocked till the maximum. The band got the capability in summer 1994 to release a full length CD album. Sandro Gessner of Regurgitated Semen Records, a fan from the very beginnin' wanted to realize this project, so GUT entered the studio once again and recorded 39 fabulous tracks. Alot of new songs were done but also some classical hits were re-recorded with a better wall of sound. The album "Odour of Torture" came out 1995 on RSR and was distributed by MORBID RECORDS. This opus was for some people a grossiss dissipation of raw material and for the fans and lovers of extreme art a absolute milestone in grindcore history. In that period came the request to do a split live 7"ep. GUT never agreed to release some shitty live recordings on vinyl or CD but the 7"ep should be limited to only 500 copies, so GUT decided to do it and released "Enter the Painroom" thru Gulli Records. So this very limited 7"inch should be the only vinyl live release GUT did 'til now, beside the two "do-it-yourself" live tapes which are not important enough to talk about any longer. In april 1995 GUT was brought to a standstill by grandmaster G.G.Ollin. It was time to bury the band. but still the cult remains. In 1999 a friend from the old days had the idea to re-release the sold out classic album "Odour of Torture" and to do a "Single Collection" of the also sold out 7"inches. Said and done. His label Deliria Noise Outfitters released this classics in the year 2000 with some multimedia bonus shit and different artwork.Within the period of the re-release GUT entered the stage one more time again with the original cast at the famous german club called Rockfabrik/Ludwigsburg. That was the proof, GUT can still work it out. After that show all members went different ways, two members founded the band NUNWHORE COMMANDO 666, G.G. Ollin started with another friend LIBIDO AIRBAG and Masturbator became a multiplatinum awarded musician and producer with different projects. GUT was dead now! But then in the end of 2004, after ten years of studio abstinence, the labels Necroharmonic (u.s.a.) and Obliteration (japan) offered GUT a new recording contract which was good enough to get them sickos out of their graves and reform the band. GUT, consisting of the same original line up, recorded in february 2005 the long awaited second album "THE CUMBACK 2006" at Biberstudio/Offenbach/GERMANY. The “Cumback”-songs were more futuristic and gangsta, even more avantgarde. New pseudonyms, same sickness but a different direction. This album came in different layouts, bonustraxxx, videoparts and multimedia stuff and was released and distributed worldwide by Obliteration Rec. (Japan) and Necroharmonic Prod. (USA). In January 2006 GUT recorded some new songs including the collabo project G.U.T.T.O (GUT and Otto Von Schirach). These songs were released on several split 7‘‘s and CDs in the year 2006 and 2007.
After releasing the „Cumback 2006“ CD GUT played festival shows all across Europe from Portugal to Czech Republic. In 2007 the band finally toured the U.S.A.
After returning from the United States of America the band had to face some major changes. First the founding member G. CHEEZUS (aka Torturer Of Lacerated And Satanic Tits aka Electrojesus) left the band and PUMPGUN MESSIAH who played the session bass on the live shows after the reunion took over the guitar. So there was no bass player any longer. But there was another original member who was just waiting to take the bass and to kick the shit out of the porn grind freaks: THE CUNTLICKING BITCHKILLER finally returned. So one founding member left and another re-entered the band. But this was not the end: Spermany was too small for the mighty BUKKAKE BOY. So he decided to enter the pornbiz and moved to the U.S.A. So in 2008 the band recovered its strength and decided to look for new members for the GUTSOUNDSYSTEM. In December 2008 they found PONTIFEX PORN and MUSTARD MOZART (aka Qnzilla from ROTTEN ROLL REX) who took over the vocals for some more European shows in 2008. So GUT played in Russia, Austria and Germany.
The year 2010 will see a new GUT album and more shows…this will still be NOT the music for the clubs, it will still come straight from the underground up your ass…don’t miss it and stay alert! G.U.! G.U.T. FOREVER!

GUT are: BUKKAKE BOY aka G.G. Ollin aka Spermsoaked Consumer Of Pussy Barbecue: Main Donkey Voice And Throat Smegma, Rhythmic Electro Beat Dehumanization, Corroded Vocal Cords/////CUNTLICKING BITCHKILLER: 4-String Mass Execution ///// H.B. BONAH aka Organic Masturbator Of 1000 Splatter Whores: Drumstick n Beat Propaganda, Honks n Warbles, 4-String Obsessions, 6-String Guillotine Investigations, Panzer Felatio FX, Acoustical 6-String Whoopy///// PUMPGUN MESSIAH: 6-String Hacksaw Assassination
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