Gregory Isaacs

Kingston, JM
Artist / Band / Musician
African Museum
Greetings Love People!

Gregory Isaacs hailing from Kingston, Jamaica
Ites, Green & Gold!!!

When people hear the name Gregory Isaacs, I want dem to think of 'Night Nurse' and 'Red Rose for Gregory' and 'The Cool Ruler,'. I love it when somebody comes up to me and say "I love your songs" I feel good about it seen, only love can conquer war and it's good for people to make love hahaa. I have a label called the African Museum and I am still doing recordings and producing. It's mostly Reggae and Dancehall, an we got quite a few artists we got The Melodians, The EQ's, Dave Simon many many. We have an album out right now called "Rat Patrol" and one is in the making right now, nothing will change the Gregory Isaacs feel is universal. I write almost all my songs and I put myself in the presence of other people and a song like Night Nurse is about a man and a woman, yeah yuh nuh. My goal for the future is jus to keep on doing my work and trying to uplift who I can uplift.
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