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Frontside Five came to life in a downtown Denver garage during the Summer of 2002 by a group of friends who shared a common idea. The idea was to create original, fast, powerful skate rock inspired by the things they loved and hated the most. The things they love; skate sessions, loud music, good friends, and cheap beer. The things they hate; anything that does not include the items listed in the previous sentence. They have spent countless hours creating original art and dynamic music that represent this idea. Driven by their motivation to be heard, Frontside Five signed with Fivecore Records in 2004 and has been touring nationally ever since. Frontside Five is now in the process of writing their fourth album , Resurrection Cemetary, which is due for release early this Spring on DC-Jam Records. Frontside Five will be touring nonstop through 2009 in support of their upcoming release.

Frontside Five has shared the stage with:

NOFX, Bouncing Souls, The Mighty Mighty Bostones, Agent Orange, U.S. Bombs, McRad, Adolescents, ASG, Guttermouth, Hightower, Youth Brigade, The Dwarves, Riverboat Gamblers, D.R.I., Channel 3, Dead To Me, The Exploited, JFA, The Bronx, Zeke, Mike Watt, Ray Barbee, Street Dogs, Time Again, Bark Hard, Conflict, Hell’s Belles, Speedealer, Cephalic Carnage, The Adicts, The Skulls, Dr. Know, Naked Aggression, Total Chaos, Duane Peters Gunfight, The Briggs, and several other local and national acts.


-New- LP/CD in progress (2009, DC-Jam Records)

-New- Skaterock Comp. in Progress (2009, DC-Jam Records)

-New- Mile High Low Life (Compilation CD) (2009, Fivecore Records)

50 – 50 Split w/ McRad (LP)(2007, Fivecore Records)

Fall Out of Line (LP)(2006, Fivecore Records)

Fivecore Records 2006 Sampler (Compilation)(2006, Fivecore Records)

No Pegs (LP)(2004, Fivecore Records)

Undead In Denver II (LP)(2003, Roman Ruin Records)

DSP (EP) (2002, Self Released) (Out Of Print)



McRad/Frontside Five
50/50 Split
Fivecore Records
By Rick Skidmore
Published: October 11, 2007

Frontside Five is tighter than ever, filling the bowl with speedy riffage reared on Suicidal Tendencies. Drummer Robdogg blurs his sticks with gear-jamming precision. Spewing vicious tales of freestyling and flatuence, Brandon Stolz calls out skate tricks like a square-dance barker.


Split: CD
Frontside Five: Beach punk-sounding skate punk with some metal riffing that was like a mix of Pennywise meets the Stitches.–Donofthedead (Fivecore)

50/50 Split: CD

Frontside Five kicks it off with their brand of crossover skate thrash that beats you senseless and leaves you for dead in the bottom of the pool. I swear that this band is like injecting pure adrenalin. I do have to say that the Frontside Five tracks are more than worth picking up. –Ty Stranglehold (Fivecore)

Maximum Rock and Roll Oct. ’07, 293

McRad/Frontside Five – “50/50 Split” CD
FRONTSIDE FIVE kick off there half of the CD with eight tracks of inspired if not overall original skate punk. If you are a fan of stuff like the FACTION or LOS OLVIDADOS, than you will probably enjoy FRONTSIDE FIVE. (JF) (Fivecore,

Frontside Five_Fall Out of Line Review:


Fall Out of Line: CD
This is the record that I shall judge all hardcore records against for quite some time. Really, it’s that good. We’re talking serious skate rock here. From the opening chords of “Skate to Hell” (not a Gang Green cover) to the end of “Mr. Hyde,” this had me screaming and weaving through traffic. I’ve really got to stop reviewing in the car! We’re talking spastic hardcore punk with a damn near perfect mix of skating, drinking, and politics. I was almost out the door with my skate before I remember that my foot is busted. Get this now and prepare to be shredded. –Ty Stranglehold (Fivecore)

SlugMag August 2006 Issue212

Frontside Five
Fall Out of Line
Fivecore Records
Street: 06.16
Frontside Five = Nuts n’ Bolts + DOA
Fueled on cheap beer and skateboards, Frontside Five is a punk band to keep your eye on. Taking hints from 80s hardcore legends DOA and reviving the old school style 20 years later while pumping it with skate-punk reminiscent of Against All Authority is genius. Fall Out of Line pounds through 13 fast songs and the five-piece still manages to sound tight as hell. “Visions of Glory” sound like it could be found on an old Bruisers album while “Drinkin’ Till Dawn” sounds straight from the 80s. Thanks Frontside Five for reminding me that new good punk rock bands do exist and don’t have to rock Mohawks and butt-flaps. My favorite track on the album was “Nobody Answers”, which is made perfect with the duel male and female vocals. Bad Ass. – Jeanette Moses

Rough CD Reviews

"Fall Out of Line" (Fivecore Records; 2006)
Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Fall Out of Line" is skate punk at its finest. Raging guitars, attitude-laden vocals, fast-paced songs and lyrics about such varied topics as skating, drinking, sex, conspiracies and nuking your neighbors(!).

Unlike too much skate punk out there, "Fall Out of Line" is neither too sticky sweet or too chaotically noisy. Instead, it's just pure rock'n'roll, unfiltered by dreams of radio airplay or by illusions of "keeping it real." The CD is rather well-produced, especially for a skate punk CD, and that's another of its bonuses.

Booking & Contact:

Robdogg/Fivecore Records/Frontside Five

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