Francis Lickerish

Avalon, Southwest, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Classic Rock / Folk Rock
Electric Boogie Productions
Francis Lickerish
Guitarist and founder member of 70's classic rock band The Enid.
Bassist with Kim Wilde (Kids in America)
Albums include-In the Region of the Summer Stars-
Aerie Faerie Nonsense-
Touch Me-
Six Pieces-
Some of Kids in America-
A Dancer on Secret Green-
Celtic Clan


This is the name of my new band. Secret Green to me represents the lost soul of England. William Blake described the industrial revolution as The Death of Childhood. The decades that followed became known as the Disenchantment of the World. Secret Green is where the flames of Albion are kept alight and alive. Secret Green is elsewhere; a village green where magic and ritual are alive and where the broken heart of England is kept beating and nursed back to true health. On Secret Green you might find Merlin, Nimue, Morris men, Mummers, maypoles and all the outlandish folk and creatures of the real England.
I hope you approve.
Light Love and Life

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