foggiest notion

CANON CITY, Colorado, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk Rock / Alternative / Rock
Royal Recording
In the year 2000 Eric and Roger started playing together. Eric being the major song writer of the band wrote many of the songs we play today. While several other musicians came and went Roger and Eric stayed the constant. Over the next 5 years Roger and Eric played as Foggiest Notion at several bars and parties in the Canon City / Pueblo area. Todd, being a drummer at heart playing bass all those years in various bands, and wanting to be a part of Foggiest Notion, began playing drums for the band in April 05'. It was a good chemistry with what Eric and Roger were doing. The chemistry got better when Roger shifted his guitar talents over to bass a few months later. The sound happened. Foggiest Notion began recording their debut CD in early 2006 at Royal Recording in Colorado Springs with Bill Douglass. We are very happy to say that the CD is done and available for sale. The sales and feedback have been great and we would like to thank everyone for the support and patience. You can purchase the CD by clicking here
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