Huntington Beach, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Thrash
Hellcat,Palado,Blacknoise/A.T. Bridge 9, Eyeball
A little history

A little history
F-MINUS started in 1995 with Brad Logan, Jen Johnson, Timmy Chunks and Awol. Not much happened until Sarah Lee replaced Timmy Chunks on guitar and named the band in 1996. As for the rest of 1996, it was still a slow start, due to Brad and Awol being gone most of the year, touring with the bands they worked with. They played a few shows here and there. Then, in 1997, they finally started getting their shit together. well.a little bit more anyway. They started playing more shows and recorded a few compilation tracks. At that point, they figured it would be cool to start working on some stuff that they would actually put out. Chris Lagerborg (R.I.P) replaced Awol on drums and they released their first two 7"s "Failed Society" on Hellcat Records and "Wont Bleed Me" on Pelado Records. With Adam Zuckert taking over drum duties and Erica Daking replacing Sarah Lee on guitar, the rest of 1998 they worked on what would become their first full length, "F-Minus-F-Minus F-Minus". Then Brad, Jen, Erica andyesyet another new drummer, John Guerra, spent the rest of 1999 and 2000 touring the U.S. and Europe. With the end of 2000 approaching and Brad and Erica now living in New York, they once again brought Adam Zuckert's drum skills back on board to write and record the second record, Suburban Blight". With Adam and Jen on the West Coast and Brad and Erica on the East Coast. Then Brad and Erica moved back out West and once again, things made sense.for a minute. With the release of "Suburban blight" in 2001, they continued touring the States and Europe. At the end of 2002, it was once again time for a new record. Josiah Steinbrick replaced Jen on Bass and they recorded "Wake Up Screaming" in Chicago with Steve Albini. The record came out in 2003 and much of the year was spent touring the U.S. and Europe. Come 2004 it got a lil' weird. Jen joined the band again for 5 seconds to do a tour of Japan with Erica, Joe and Adam. The last F-MINUS show to date was October 2004,at the Knitting Factory in L.A. The line up was Brad, Jen, Erica, Adam and Joe thats right fuckers 3 guitars!

The band is not planning anything currently, no shows or tours but this is what the F-MINUS gang is up to:

BRAD is Blacknoise Recordings @ www.blacknoise.net or myspace.com/blacknoise. He also plays with Leftover Crack and his new band The Scum Also Rises.

JEN also has a new band "Ammunition Affair" Here's the my space link

JEN-Ammunition Affair

ADAM is still playing drums. But his new project is still a secret.

ERICA and JOE got married and started a new band.

So there you have it! xoxo The minus-

PS-And to answer everyones questions, this was started as fan site but there are a couple F-MINUS band members checking on things here too.

Photos by Brian, and other people whose names I can't remember
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