Finns Fury

New York, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Celtic / Rock / Punk
Stubby Shillelagh Records
In memory of

Scott & his son Nicholas

Finn's Fury mourns the loss of a dear friend, Scott Doty,
who passed away after a long, brave battle against cancer.
He never once questioned his faith or asked, "Why me?"
He was one hell of a man and will be sorely missed.
He is survived by his wife, Sharon, and son, Nicholas.
If you'd like to help the family of a fallen brother, you can
donate to:
Nicholas Doty Education Fund,
c/o First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust,
1515 Charleston Ave, Mattoon, IL 61938

For Finn's Fury booking info, please contact:
John Davis
(516) 425-1660
Sean McKeon
(516) 398-2874

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of our
fiddler/vocalist Leenya Rideout.
Leenya is focusing on her acting career in theater.
We wish her all the best. May all her dreams be realized.

He's in, he's out, he's back in again!
Yeah, we've been confusing the lot of ye lately.
Welcome back the "other bald guy", Charlie Drannbauer.
It was a sad day indeed when we had to say goodbye to this stellar guitarist and we weren't about to let him go quietly into the night, so. after countless evenings and hours "trailing" him, we finally got enough incriminating photos to make him another offer he couldn't refuse.LOL. He's been around the block a few times, with the bands Nine Days, Taking Back Sunday and Flyleaf,
among others. Even with those impressive stats behind him, he readily admits that nobody can come close to "Celtifying" and "slapping some stink" on a Neil Diamond cover the way this lot can!.LOL

Well, he's done it again!
Add another title to the already stellar list
that Calum holds. After a lull of 140 years, the Scottish competition
for the title of Fiddler to the Marquis of Huntley was brought back into play. So.
Congratulations are in order to Calum Pasqua, our outstanding fiddler, for winning this impressive title!
Last year's 2007 Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship held in Blair Castle,
Blair Atholl, Scotland, gave Calum the distinction of
being the first american to ever win THAT coveted title in the history of Glenfiddich.

Calum Pasqua holds the titles of:

2008 Fiddler to the Marquis of Huntley

2007 Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship
2007 New England Regional Championship
2007 Celtic Classic Championship

Do your part and help our Irish brothers & sisters get what they deserve. CITIZENSHIP!

Buy a T-Shirt & wristband by clicking the pic below! All Monies go to ILIR.

Have you heard about the big strong man?

Alright! Great news! For those of you who've been waiting for our upcoming debut CD.It's here. "Finn's Fury - What About Ya?"
Is available for purchase thru CD like it's been an eternity in the studio. We're pretty damned happy about the results and think you will be too. Click the logo below to take you to the CD!

Or if you'd rather buy through iTunes,
click the iTunes button below.
(you need to have the iTunes program
installed on your computer)

Those of you who've seen us live will know the CD is a pretty good cross section of what we do on the stage. Those of you who haven't.well, we'll try and get to your area soon enough.

You may have also noticed that Frank Carroll is missing from the band line-up on this page. He's moved back to Ireland for personal reasons and'll be sorely missed. He does, however, appear on 3 songs on the CD. Yours truly, the bald, bearded and barefooted bass player O'Doom is now the lead singer. Hell of a job, being head of this hooligan squad, but someone's gotta do it!

Go raibh míle maith agat!

Slán agus beannacht leat,

Make sure to visit my blog! Add yourself
to the map, color some Finn's Fury coloring
pages, request a song. New furious festivities
added all the time!

Where did Finn's Fury come from?
The Name:FINN MAC CUMHAIL (Finn mac Cumhail) Fionn mac Cumhail, or
Finn MacCool, semimythical Irish hero. His exploits are recorded in long narrative poems by
Ossian and in many ballads, called Fenian ballads after the Fenians, or Fianna, professional
fighters whom Finn was said to have headed in the 3rd century. Certain tales involve such events as
Finn's pursuit of the lovers Diarmuid and Grania, who was Finn's wife. The stories of Finn
inspired the Fingal of James Macpherson and played an important part in the Irish literary renaissance . The legend of Finn Mac Cumhail is varied at best. What follows is a generally agreed upon synopsis:

† Finn's father Cumhail, a Fianna chieftain, was mortally wounded and killed in battle by Goal Mac Morn, the leader of a rival clan, before Finn's birth.
† Terrified for her new baby's survival, Finn's mother sent him away intrusting him to two of her closest colleagues - a druidess named Bodbal and a woman warrior named Fiachel.
† Together these women successfully raised Finn in secret hidden deep within the mountains of Erinn (Ireland). During this time they taught him all the lessons and skills he would need to survive he set out to avenge his father's murder.
† When it was time Finn ventured out and served under several kings who immediately sent him away, in fear of a retaliation from Mac Morna, after they discovered who he was.
† Discouraged, Finn wandered throughout Ireland until he met an old poet living near the river Boyne whom he ended up studying under for seven years.
† At one point, near the end of these seven years, he was charged with catching the Salmon of Knowledge and cooking it for his master, being told not to eat it. Whilst it cooked he burst a blister on the Salmon and inherited its wisdom. He know possessed what was needed to challenge Mac Morna.
† Gathering 150 of the bravest and best of the Fianna, Finn sought revenge on Goll Mac Morna. The battle was long, lasting a few days, but in the end Mac Morna's men were no match for the Fianna and Goll Mac Morna died on Finn's sword.
The Band:The idea of Finn's Fury began when members of a previous NY Celtic rock band
left due to creative differences and decided to try a new line-up. I had worked with Sean for years in several different bands ranging from funk, goth, jazz and alternative in sounds. I had also worked in the studio with said previous band singing background vocals, playing some keyboards and bass, co-arranging, producing a song and designing both their CD's. I have a background in illustration and digital graphics.
After many jams, tryouts, rehearsals, members coming and going, we find
ourselves with a stellar mix.beautiful fiddle melodies with haunting uilleann pipes and tin whistle, crunching guitars and booming bass and drums that sound like cannon fire!
Not a thing to be easily ignored, this lot. We come from quite a mixture of backgrounds. Between Calum and Andrew we have two smokin' traditional players in one band.gotta love that. Calum recently won the Glennfiddich Scottish Fiddle Championship and the title of "Royal Fiddler to the Marquis of Huntley". That'll give you some idea of the man's talent. He can also play a wicked highland bagpipe, mandolin and guitar. He's a prominent music director and outstanding teacher here in New York. Andrew has graced the stages of many trad sessions in the Tri-State area, as well as traveling abroad with some heavy hitters. Sean is a Drum Sergeant for the Nassau County Fire Fighters Pipe and Drums as well as a drum teacher and is one of the most vicious hitting drummers I've ever stood in front of.
Peter Kuperschmid is the new addition to the fold. He brings years of guitar, sound, stage, producing and recording experience to the group. He's worked with MAJOR acts and kicks some serious ass!I have a background in music, art and the martial arts.
I've done a bit of everything.voice-overs for TV commercials, radio spots, animated series.appeared on MTV
along with Seanwon medals and ribbons for my stereography (3D pictures)and was also a trophy winning Shaolin Kempo Karate
instructor. My first love has always been and forever will be music. As the bassist and singer for Finn's Fury, I'm completely in my when you see me with a grin so big that it looks my head may split in two while I'm on stage, there's the reason.As former members of previous Celtic and rock bands, we have years of touring and headlining behind us.
We're no strangers to the stage! We've played 'am all, big and small.soHope you're all ready for the sound
of the Fury, 'cause we're coming and there ain't a whole helluva lot anyone can do to stop us.

What's up with the boxer?
Well.Both of Sean's Grandads boxed, my Grandad boxed, my Dad boxed when he was a youth, I box and kick-box, my 6 year old son kick-boxes, Leenya kick-boxes, Charlie likes juice boxes and Calum's head is shaped like a box (just kiddin' Cal).so there ya have it. PLUS.He just looks so damn ready to kick somebody's ass, doesn't he?
What's the story with the logo?
The logo is a stylized version of a tattoo on the ball of Sean's right shoulder which is a memorial to his Dad, who's no longer with us. It's a direct copy of the design on his tombstone. I've been in several bands with Sean over the years and he's taken that logo with him through 3 of them. It's his.He can take it wherever he damn well pleases. You'll notice it pops up on our boxer's shoulder and also on my son's if you check out the pic gallery.

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