Eya-Hey Nakoda

Morley, Alberta, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
Nakoda Records
Rod Hunter Sr, Desi Rider, Gavin Ear, Rod Anders Hunter and Shanda Hunter formed Eya-Hey Nakoda in September of 1994. The Drum Group composes and sings their own songs. Big or small pow-wows, Eya-Hey Nakoda loves to sing and make dancers dance.

At pow-wows, before grand entry, different members of the group take turns offering tobacco to the drum. They pray for the dancers and all of the people who are there. The group asks for blessings from the drum so that when the dancers dance or when the people listen to the music, they will be cured of any ailments.

Eya-Hey Nakoda are predominately Nakoda from the Bearspaw, Chiniki and Wesley First Nations in Morley, AB. They are, however, proud to have singers from other tribes such as: Siksika, Cree, Muscogee, and Aniyvwiya.

Contact Information:

Rod Hunter

P.O. Box 240

Morley, AB


(403) 881-3069

(403) 305-5744
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