Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Indie / Experimental
Ready Thy Sword Entertainment
I've been writing and rhyming for about 13 years now. It all started with after school cyphers at my mothers house. A few years later, myself and two homeboys created Diamond Kutt. We started writing organized tracks and promoting ourselves. In 2002 we hooked up with a local record label named "LockJaw Entertainment", founded and owned by Adrian Nino. We worked on various projects with the record label and droped our long awaited album, Diamond Kutt "Sea Side Stories" in 2005. In 2006 I decided to go my own way and make the style of music I was living. I decided to start my own record label through ASCAP, I named the label "Ready Thy Sword Entertainment". So far I've released one full length solo album entitled "Thought Process", in June of 2009. "Thought Process" sold 600 units within' the first six months of its release and has been distrubuted throughout Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington D.C., Minnesota, California, Nevada, Germany, England and Scottland. "The 4 Boroughs Rhyme Council" full legth album is scheduled to be released Jan. 2008. In Spring of 2009, I will be releasing my second solo album, self-entitled "Ethiks thenextepidemik". Big Tim of Reel Deep Music is my producer/engineer and has helped, pushed, motivated and guided me immensely. The sky's the limit and creativity is infinitive. I see good things in my record label's future. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Positive Education Always Corrects Errors!

DJ Crazy Cuts out in Germany

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Ethiks "thenextepidemik" Performing "Yo!" live
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