Isfahan ~ E.S. Posthumus; Film by Ruedi & Priska Abbühl - Video
In Loving memory of blue oceans, whales, dolphins and all aquatic life. Credit for this beautiful Emperor Penguin film goes to Ruedi & Priska Abbühl. Their websites:
Polar News Film Team:
Youtube channel:

And the Music ..."Isfahan," all glory goes to E.S. Posthumus, formerly a band of two brothers, Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA. Helmut and Franz were an independent music group that produced cinematic style music and studied piano with their mother.

The E.S. is an acronym for "Experimental Sounds" while Posthumus is a Latin word that is meant to represent "all things past."

After graduating from high school, Franz worked in recording studios while Helmut attended and graduated from UCLA, with a degree in archaeology.

On July 22, 2010, it was officially announced that Franz had died unexpectedly in May 2010. After giving notice of his brother's death in November 2011, it was officially announced that Helmut Vonlichten had formed a new band called "Les Friction" and released a preview of his new work with a track called "Torture." Their "Christmas Eve" single was released in November 2010, as a Christmas tribute to Franz, the last song produced by E.S. Posthumus, and the brothers' last recording session before Franz's death.

In keeping with the theme of “all things past”, each of the thirteen tracks on the album is named after an ancient and abandoned or destroyed city. However, Cuzco, Nara, Isfahan and Estremoz still survive to this day.

My heart breaks when I listen to their music especially Isfahan.In time, I hope the Spirit of Franz helps ease Helmut's grief. Your fans will always miss you, I know I will. Helmut's message on facebook:

Beautiful Iran:
I chose penguins because they're my favorite animal above all, besides humpback whales, primates, dolphins, octopus, elephants, horses, meerkats, monarch butterflies, wolves, the ant kingdom, dogs and cats too. Heck, I love all the animal kingdom.

Much Love forever Helmut and Franz - Ambriel
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