EL Heath

Artist / Band / Musician
Acousmatic - Tape music / Ambient
Records on Ribs, My Formica Table, Dead Sea Liner
My name is Eric. The "L" in my name stands for "Loveland", a point not lost when I was younger for the obvious hilarity it spews. I write music these days, which I release for free. Maybe this means people will hear it. I hope so. It would be a shame if it was wasted. You can listen/download it below, you can listen to newer/older stuff above. I play gigs, play in bands, record for people who ask me to and compose soundtracks for films, animations, ideas and things I find inspiring (look left).
Apart from a band who failed to credit my involvement, here is a list of who I am/have been involved with over the years: Epic45, Rob Dunsford, Strap the Button, The Exploits of Elaine, Criggion (multi-media documentation project), Hybrid Dialect (duo with beatboxer Craig Bradbury), Loveland, The Tall Poet (Andrew Fusek Peters), Les Étoiles, The Daughters, Cat Green Bike, Babytwin, The Rev. Steve, The Bang On! Samba Band, Orunder (sometimes a duo with Andy Buclaw), Elrond Hubbard (duo with Alex Hubbard), Dave Osborn, The Hungry I (now To Bury a Ghost), July Skies, Robert Redford for Bedford, Sweet Potato. Some of my releases have been put out under my own name of "Eric Heath".
Various labels have released my music:
Foetal Orange, Records on Ribs, Dead Sea Liner Records, Phantom Channel, Guidence Records, Wayside and Woodland Recordings.
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