Ebony Ark

Madrid, ES
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Progressive / Gothic
Ascendance Records
At the end of 2002, Javier Jiménez and Rubén Villanueva (guitars), decided to start a band. They counted on Daniel Melián, who was in charge of the bass. EBONY ARK was about to be born… The band’s line-up was unstable, until Beatriz Albert (vocals) and Jorge Sáez (drums) decided to join. They released their first demo in March 2004, containing 6 tracks, one of them being a cover of Irene Cara’s “What a feeling".
A few months later, Javier Díez joined the band as a pianist. In October 2004, EBONY ARK’s first studio album “Decoder” was released, including 11 tracks and with such great songs as "Dead men’s lives", "Searching for an answer" and "Thorn of Ice". Decoder and also their live performances got very good reviews. EBONY ARK started to find their place in the international metal world.
After having made a tour all over Spain, in February 2005 Jorge Sáez and Javier Díez left the band for the lack of free time with their other band projects. Iván (drums) and Diego (synth) joined Ebony Ark and the band became more stable. In June that very same year they started shooting their first videoclip for their single "Thorn of ice". It was shot in Madrid.
Concerts and rehearsals were mixed with the composition of new songs for their new album. Their first concert outside Spain was on May 4th 2006 supporting the dutch band EPICA in a very special show in Amsterdam, alongside with another dutch band, ASRAI. In May they started recording Decoder 2.0 with Transmission Records. This album will be the re-edition of their first album, Decoder. It’s expected to be in stores sometime in summer 2006.

MySpace contact: ebonyark[at]gmail.comPromotion//Management contact (Spain & Others): leonory[at]telefonica.net

Thorn Of Ice

Ebony Ark Road Movie

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