Dreamlike Horror

Umeå, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Gothic / Ambient / Classical
Sleaszy Rider
Dreamlike Horror first album "Delightful Suicides" can be purchased for 18 euros plus 5 euros shipment. If you have paypal click on the buy now button, if you desire to pay in a different way, send me an email here on myspace. This album has been printed in limited numbers and the copies I have are now running out.

DREAMLIKE HORROR "Delightful Suicides"
1. Night Hunt
2. The House That Breathes With Ghosts
3. Moonshine
4. Damien
5. A Solitary Moment
6. The Labyrinth Of Qena
7. La Vendetta
8. Your Laying Body
9. Wedding In Horror
10. The Owl's Secret
11. Delightful Suicides
12. Funeral March

Founded in 1999 by Deadly Kristin and Aphazel of Ancient Dreamlike Horror is something more than just the horror project. It is a scary voyage into the most obscure corners of the human soul, where all the secret fears and dreadful visions hidden in our subconscious dwell and reveal themselves.
The music as well as the dramatic lyrics, can be described as very emotional and poetic, in every part of it there is a lot of suffering, dark sensations, pain. The result is a world of atmospheres that would easily take the listener into a ethereal dreamy dimension, an infinite fall into the abyss of sadness and meditation.
The first part of "Delightful Suicides" was realized and suffered during the cold winter and rainy spring nights of 1999-2000 into a humid medieval house, settled in the heart of the Italian Pre- Alps. The silence, the melancholy and the decay of those ancient walls, so full of memories and history, have been a great source of inspiration and created the right atmosphere for composing the album.
In november 2004 Dreamlike Horror signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records from Greece and decided to record new songs and finally put "Delighful Suicides" on the market, as a full length album in june 2005.
In 2007 Aphazel left the band. Dreamlike Horror is now the solo project of Deadly Kristin.

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