Dolly Rappaport Band

REDWOOD CITY, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Rock / Jazz
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Dolly Rappaport on sax at Angelica's

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What people are saying:

The artistic output on this 2 CD set is totally amazing! Usually when I purchase a new CD from an artist I greatly admire, about 6 of the songs I like immediately. The remaining six songs it usually takes me a while to "grow into". With this double CD set of 26 songs I was totally into every song, as I was hearing it for the first time! In my entire life, no artist before Dolly Rappaport has ever had that much immediate appeal for me. She is totally amazing! You can download that puppy fully expecting to hear 26 simultaneous songs that you are going to love listening to.
Richard Jacobel go to to download!

"Why this woman isn't No.1 in the billboard chart on a regular basis we've no idea. Pull your finger out Sony, there's money to be made here"
--- The New Underground

"I just caught Dolly's live show. She is fantastic. . . full of charisma, and very vivacious. I love the songs. . .great band. . . great entertainers.
---"Russ Regan"
(former President of Motown Records,

"It occurs to me that so often what we find missing in
contemporary female singer/songwriters is a real mastery
of melodic phrasing, but Dolly Rappaport appears to have
been born with it."
--- Irene Jackson - Gods of Music

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