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California, US
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Heatrock Records
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Doja Clik is a legendary group out of Stockton California a.k.a. Mudville. Formed in 1993, members included Young Ren, LiL MaN G, and Wizard 1.
The first album "Hard on da Grind", with different spelling (Doesia Click), hit the streets and blew up with underground hits "Dungeon, Chronic Bionic, and Murder 1". The album sold 20,000 units with no promotion. Till this day the “Hard on da Grind” release is a cult classic and classifies Doja Clik as Stockton's most successful act.
1995 - Doja Clik wraps up a new project "Women, Cars and Firearms" and changes the spelling to Doja Clik. The spelling change was needed for the fact being no one could pronounce the groups name with the prior spelling. Although the album never got released, leaks prompted this album to become the most bootlegged album in 209's history with its presents being found in Canada, Germany, and across the U.S.
1996-97 - With the help of Indoja Records, Doja Clik releases thier first studio album entitled "Speed Kills". In this release two new members are introduced; Mr. Peebodie and Nasty Trey. This album featured Bay Area heavyweights such as JT the Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Guce and Merced rapper Young Droop. Having major promotion in Murder Dog magazine, 4080, Lowrider, Illtip Mag, Showcase, tours across the U.S., and video with E-40’s sister Suga T., pushed “Speed Kills” to sell over 40,000 units.
1998-99 - Young Ren releases first solo project entitled "Undaground Mailroad". Mr. Peebodie also drops his First solo "Make it Happen".
2001 - Doja Clik releases “THC” and introduces member Antidote. Going back to roots, “THC” is entirely recorded on an 8 track. Getting back to the underground feel, this album displays lyrical styles and addresses political issues. Sales are good but by far overshadowed by the success of “Speed Kills”.
2006 – Young Ren decides start a new label, Heatrock Records. “The Best of Doja Clik” is released under the new Heatrock Records label to stamp out the past, and mark a new beginning for the group.
2009 – Heatrock Records and Chicken Hill Productions come together to give us “Doja Clik present's Ren da Heatmonsta" in “da Mudville King" (Young Ren’s second solo release album now with a name change, from “Young Ren” to “Ren da Heatmonsta”). Due to drop 2-17-09, this album has features with E40, WC, Too $hort, Turf Talk, and the rest of the Doja Clik.
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