Discovery of a Lifelong Error - 'Terra Firma' Might Be Inappropriate - Video
Last song off of the first album 'You Can Learn A Lot From A Pair of Black Lungs'.

This train is off its fucking rails. There's dead stars in the boxcars and the cats have caught their tails. Black matchstick powerlines are ripping at the earth. If we all go insane tonight, I know that I'll be the first.

Oceans are filling the sewers, consuming my homeland. My homeland in ruins. I've never seen a sunset like this, so pregnant with joy, full up on happiness, tearing the seams with bliss.

When I was young, the preacher told us, when we die, we go to heaven, but I wondered, and I prayed. WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN

(They say the count is down) I need a savior in my life like a bullet in my spine. I've done it before, I've my wasted my time begging and pleading and screaming and asking. But now that the sea line has pushed in the city, I know that gods are hiding. Come out. Come out.
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