Elyzabeth Diaga

Montreal, Quebec, Ca
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Lounge / Ambient
D.W. Records
Welcome to DIAGAWORLD !!!!! A world of various musical styles and ambiances.
Born to a Canadian opera singer and Spanish sculptor it is after studying dance and theater that in the early 90's Elyzabeth discovers her passion for music. She starts performing live at 18 years of age, fronting the Dizzy miss Lizzy band and later lending her voice to Philippe Leduc's The Wings of Fire interpreting the now famous NO PASARAN in 1996 she releases a french debut cd which gets nominated at l'Adisq in 1997. (www.myspace.com/elyzabethdiaga )
After years of artistic adventures and individual musical careers, it is in august of 2000 that singer/ songwriter Elyzabeth Diaga & composer / musician Ben Roberge
join forces to create and produce the DIAGA sound.
Disregarding any premeditaded musical protocol the DIAGA sound forges itself naturally and quickly attains maturity.
Electronic / organic, two contrasts that collide while revolutionizing their intrinsic content.
From Jazz to Groove, from Pop to Trance we never suffer from the definitive presence of any specific musical form,
instead we find ourselves stupefied by their subtle or striking force of passage.
In april 2003 DIAGAWORLD productions present The DIAGA Experience ; this show of international
envergure finds itself on the Groove stage of The Montreal International Jazz Festival of that same year , flabbergasting
more than 7 000 people.
Ending 2003 with 2 special V.I.P. shows of The DIAGA Triangle Lounge Show , Elyzabeth & Bens 2004
is dedicated to writing , individual projects & the production of a remix compilation .
In 2005, the seductive MUSH can be found on 2 different compilations, the Mush Alain Vinet Remix appears
on his cd MOUVEMENT , released in june by Cirque du Soleil Musique
and the original version is on the FSM3 cd realeased in August by King A Groove Records.
In 2006 Elyzabeth joins the production of Dracula as the sultry Vampiress Elixire
In 2007 Elyzabeth is the main female singer for Rock Story and is still rockin' Quebec with this amazing 70's and 80's rock tribute.
Earlier this year she lends her voice to 3 songs on DIGINADA, montreal composer Philippe Leduc's newest cd.
You can also hear Elyzabeth on the DVD game for Wii Dance on Broadway and as Mother Gothel in Disney's french version of Tangled, Raiponce.
Her latest project TIEMPOS LOCOS in collaboration with pianist Julie Lamontagne will premiere at montreal's festival JAZZ EN RAFALE on march 24th of this year.

DIAGA's debut cd is distributed in Canada by Outside Music.
DIAGA cd is now available on ITUNES .
The Recycled remix compilation is available on archambaultzik.ca & www.tonality.ca

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Seduce Me video ( 2003 )

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DIAGA Record Launch Montreal ( 2002 ) Laser intro video by Orestes Grediaga

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