Baiju Bawra National Music Festival 2010 -Ghunghroo Vadan by V.Anuradha Singh Bhopal - Video
Ghunghroo express that which cannot be said & on which it is impossible to be silent. Ghunghroo carries with it generations of wisdom dating back to antiquity.
Anuradha has made a divergence and exhaustive effort to preserve and expand Indian heritage & culture by adding one more chapter to the conferring glory of Indian music. She has tried to devise one more way to explore more about Indian classical music.
Everybody has seen the movement of hands and vocalizations through mouth but playing the ghunghroo through feet in a classical manner is novel and unprecedented experiment. Anuradha has taken over it through systematic research in order to pay tribute to one of the most versatile musical instrument of our cultural heritage.
Her endeavor is to promote, preserve and broaden the vision so that the lesser known Ghunghroo which is like a jewel lying at the bottom of the ocean can get the distinct identity as a persisting entity in our musical heritage.
Ghunghroo may be a less known instrument due to reasons like it never got a platform from where it can speak for itself also no individual or organization never gave a thought that it can be performed solely with as versatility as any other percussive , wind or string instrument. Ghunghroo recital which she performs a total different style of classical music composed of all basic elements, in addition to this it can present great laykari with tayyari of course and it is a conception and innovation in Indian classical music.This classical percussive art is the mean by which an individual can connect his body with the mind and gain concentration.It is a union of mind and body, a coming together of mind and soul, that of individual self with the universal self.It thus helps in realizing the real potential of a person, both in terms of his physical and intellectual capabilities. This is one of the ancient sciences which were discovered in the country of India which brings out the best of a human body and soul. Ghunghroo vadan that involves control and regulation of breadth strengthen and energize the lung capacity, reduce stress and enhance focus and concentration.It is believed that by practicing foot percussive art one can purify the mind and can get control over a number of thought waves that keep on striking the mind. The goal of anuradha's art is to find the perfect harmony between the body, mind and the soul.A number of major problems related to the respiratory system can get solved by regularly practicing it. Problems of asthma among children and also among adults can get cured by practicing it. It plays a major role in facilitating the process of communication between the body and mind of an individual. While practicing classical foot bell practice one has to concentrate harder and thus the mind does not deviate towards other thoughts and this may get the mind to get relieved from stress. Its practice on one hand unites the body and the soul and on the other hand maintains a proper basal metabolic rate or BMR and helps in generating stamina. Both of these work in conjunction on the principles of coordination, correction and control. Work in synchrony- It enhances mental calmness, increases concentration, boosts immunity, increases flexibility and maintains the proper functioning of all the body parts from hearts to muscles in the legs. Practicing on the other hand helps burning calories, increases stamina and efficiency of body muscles. It provides you with a self knowledge and helps you in discovering yourself.
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