de trop

glasgow, Scotland, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Ambient / Acousmatic - Tape music / Experimental
skean dhu
de trop make sounds and noises in bedrooms and then record them onto dusty cassette tapes.
some people like it.
most don't.

de trop have 3 albums and 4 e.p's out just now. you can purchase (or get them for nothing by downloading) these releases on cd from by clicking on the pictures below. or just pop over to bandcamp to download them in which ever format you desire
interlude trop

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'interlude e.p. (2010, jzajza records)
this can be our endde trop

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'this can be our end' (this time around de trop was colin laughland, ryan scott, patsy craig and krist moran. 2008, skean dhu records) 'death of the duck people' (solo e.p. 2008, jzajza records)
'my love for you' (this time around de trop was krist and colin, 2005/2006, jza jza records)
i will just sit and wait until your face leaves my trop

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"i will just sit and wait until your face leaves my mind." (2006, skean dhu records)
"elegies for k" FREE download only e.p. (2005, jzajza records)
after the waterde trop

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"after the water" (2004, skean dhu records)

"these sounds will remain as our ghosts" skean dhu compilation album featuring new song "fixed:kittenheart" by de trop **(this time around de trop was colin laughland / ryan scott / craig laughland)** (skean dhu recordings 2007)

you can get in touch with us at if you would like to. getting mail is fun.
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