Debbie Davis

New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Big Beat / Jazz / Lounge
"Of all the New Orleans vocalists pursuing the retro torch singer route, Ms. Davis is the most convincing because shes got the powerful pipes and the voluptuous body." - Bunny Mathews, Offbeat Magazine--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Debbie Davis is old school, with a voice that is comfortable in various contexts. Besides her singing, Davis is a great entertainer, quick with a joke and rewritten lyric, like her descriptions of certain local figures sung to the tune of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It." All in all, she's what a cabaret singer should be." David Kunian , Gambit Weekly-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Davis Eisenhower-era nightclub canary is right on the money. Its just the way these warblers were: fluffing their hair, rolling their eyes, purring Santa Baby or belting Just Make me a Present of You into one of those boxy mikes. In fact, Davis displays as much come-on with her clothes on as the rest of the girls do peeling them off
- David Cuthbert, Times Picayune--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Look for Debbie with the Pfister Sisters

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