Dead Means Nothing - Seeds Of Hate - Video
Dead Means Nothing con la canción "Seeds Of Hate", del disco homonimo

Seeds of hate

Jason, are these words too straight to you
Just stay and i´ll bite you
Listen, do I always make it bad?
The weekness of your world rearrange the bitter end
There´s so much there´s no time
I´ve been fighting to steal your eyes I suppose I might be wrong
I´ve been crying cause i´ve found that I take the blame
Just finf it all and it will be right
Sing a song that´s all about
Just find it all, and we´ll be there
I´ll be there to face the sun , i´ll come back just to say i´m done
I´ll be there
Listen are these words to strange to you
What i´m suppose to bewhy i´m suppose to cry
What i´m suppose to bewhy you suposse
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