Marilyn - Sex Means Nothing When You're Dead - Video
Sex Means Nothing When You're Dead, Marilyn's first single, became an instant cult classic when it was released in 1980. Then came the EP So Disgraceful, released by Marilyn & the Movie Stars in 1982, which charted on Billboard . "It all sounds a bit decadent but it's great," is what Billboard had to say about So Disgraceful. Marilyn & the Movie Stars featured Webster Smith on synthesizers, drummer Hari Viderci, who also played for the Sickfucks, and bassist Tommy Victor, who went on to form Prong. She played the lead in Mark Kehoe's 1982 film, Destroy All Blondes. Marilyn also turned her mordant wit to writing—about subatomic particles, outer space, high-risk adventure, and the like—for New York newspapers and magazines, which came as a bit of a surprise to those who figured this blonde nightclubber had nothing between the ears.
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