Dag Nasty

Washington DC, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk
Revelation Records
Dag Nasty started in the summer of 1985, made up of ex-members of Minor
Threat and Bloody Mannequin Orchestra. Through the years, they cycled through 3
different singers, 2 bass players, and 3 drummers in their four year active
existence (1985-1988).

Dag Nasty had a huge impact on the world of underground music, due to the fact
that Dag Nasty practically introduced melodic hardcore in the mid-'80s. But
although the group was more accessible and melodic than Minor Threat or similar
bands, they never lost their bracing, blistering edge. The concept of the band
came about from former-Minor Threat and Meatmen guitarist Brian Baker. After
vocalist Shawn Brown departed the group, ex-DYS frontman Dave Smalley completed
Brian Baker's vision of what the band should be.

They recorded their first album, "Can I Say" (1986), with D.C.-punk guru Ian
MacKaye assisting on the production. The following year, Smalley left the group;
he was replaced by Peter Cortner, who added more pop elements to the band's
sound with the album "Wig Out at Denko's". Dag Nasty moved from MacKaye's
Dischord label to Giant in 1988 and released their last album (at the time),
"Field Day". This album was even more of a departure from the original sound,
although it remains a fan favorite.

Dag Nasty came back together in 1992 with Dave Smalley back on vocals. They
released "Four on the Floor" on Epitaph Records for the growing underground punk
scene that was only a few short years from breaking into the mainstream. The
response was enthusiastic, but the band stepped away from the business again
with Brian joining Bad Religion in 1994, and Dave singing for Down By Law. Ten
years later, they reunited once again with "Minority of One" which was released
on Revelation Records.

So far, they have released a demo tape, 5 full length LP's, a compilation box
set/lp, 2 singles (one 12" and one 7"), and have appeared on several

NOTE: Dag Nasty is a project band at this point. They do not play shows, they do
not tour - despite what rumors go around year after year. If at some point in
the future they decide to play again, you'll be the first to know.

When I Move - 1987 Albany, NY - Acoustic at Dave Stein's (Combined Effort Records) house. I'll encode a better version of this video, with the other song, uh, soon.

Things That Make No Sense - June 1988 Berkeley, CA - 924 Gilman Street. One of the last shows they played.

The Godfather - Salt Lake City, UT early 1988 - The Speedway.

What Now? - March 1985 - WDC - 9:30 Club w/ Sean Brown on vocals
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