Colleen Wetmore

Connecticut, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Acoustic / Rock
It’s her voice of an angel that’s set against the angst of a teenager. That unique voice and music style, that makes each song rare and meaningful. It’s an emotional journey through the mind and heart. Her songs are her real life diary of experiences and stories of situations that everyone can relate to, which make’s use all feel so connected. Her intense anger, sadness, and joy will give you chills, and make you question what it all means!

This 20 year old musician is way ahead of her time. Colleen writes her music with a thick fog of emotion, that runs through her veins. In her songs she asks, "How are we to find the answer, If we don't know where to start? How are we supposed to love, if we don't know what it means?" She questions the reality of love, and the truth in life. Her songs on relationships, the meaning of life, and her self un-assuredness are issues that touch a vast audience of listeners.

As a singer/songwriter, Colleen has grown greatly as a person throughout this experience. She gets better as days go by, recording her album, writing her songs, playing acoustic guitar, as well as the piano. She is looking forward to a solid, exciting, and successful career in the music industry.

Note From Colleen:
HI EVERYONE!!! my album is coming along slowly but surely! = )

Here's a little bit about me.
I Am:
Sweet heart
Ding Dong
Pain In the Ass

ya. that basically sums me up. = )
*Love my family they are the most important thing in my life!
*My dog ketchup I love him!! he's my pumpkin!
*I love my friends they are awesome!
*I have a hard time trusting people.
* I wish everyone was nice to people, even if they are having a bad day. If you don't know them just be nice anyway!!!!
*I hate it when people are fake and aren't true to themselves. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE!!! If people don't like you for you then Screw Them!!
*I love the park, watching movies, listening to music, reading Nicolas Sparks books, playing boardgames. going for walks!
*i love sunsets.
*The Beach! LOVE the beach!
*I think country music is Awesome! well music in general is just the BEST!!!
* i over think wayyyyyy to much! Over stress! I just freak out over things that i just shouldn't be freaking out about. I guess that's just who i am.
*I think relationships are way too hard.
*Guys piss me off. Can't live with them. Can't live without them. haha
* I push people away when i get too close to them. something im trying to change. I believe that when I find the right one. Ill finally let them In. I won't push them away and I won't be afraid.
*I love to travel. It is what truly makes me Happy = )

*I love Love, being in Love, the whole feeling is great*
*I believe in that love* That walking on air Hug* That breathless Kiss* Those Unforgettable Moments that bring you Peace.* It's out there. I know it is*

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