Exeter, US
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Alternative / Rock
fuck the norm. civilian formed in January 2005 and settled on current members later that year. back in the day, by slipping an absolute legend of a high school caretaker (Brian) a sly tenner, he'd open up the school reception on weekends for the band to jam. civilian helped sell exeter phoenix out @ the DTR launch party, have since gone on to perform at the oblivion urban games, and venues across england. debut ep "free the walls" was released on Dirt Track Records in nov 2005, and received promising reviews, with the bands fresh sound and style being noted. following that came the raw lo-fi 4 track ep "President for Just One Day". influences are drawn from such bands as the smashing pumpkins, audioslave and incubus, however the 4-piece remain fiercely unique.
a young band with the ability and potential to go off, civilian have recently taken part in the "Hot Bitches Party" gig at Exeter Lemongrove, and have played at Aeon Festival.
"Mature beyond their years, Civilian give a good kick up the bum to any unoriginal band of their same age. Straying away from whats musically fashionable and sticking with what theyre good at, they will go far."-- Claptrap.

"free the walls" EP
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