Chris Kitchen

Ashland, Kentucky, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Acoustic / Ambient
For res @ The Chimney Corner 606 324 7500
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My name is Chris Kitchen and I play guitar.I have been playing since the age of 6 and have never lost interest.I think my love of music was inherited from my dad Crawford Kitchen.He took me to many concerts when I was younger and always had country music playing in the house.I have been performing about 200 + shows a year since 1979.I honed my Country and rock chops in Ky and my Jazz/ethnic/world chops in Miami/Ft Laud Fla.I have played with some important figures in Jazz and that is where most of my education comes from.Lord knows I did not learn much in College.I have played on over 300 CDs and Radio Jingles ranging from Tele Twang /Honky Tonk Country,Blues.Rock,Metal,Gospel,Reggae,Calypso, but Jazz/Cinematic is my fave.I teach gutar in my spare time .I reside in Ashland Ky with my wife Patty and our 3 dogs.I have quit touring for years now and only play locally.Life is good ! <
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