Butch Rice

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Acoustic / Pop / Folk
ear X tacy
Butch Rice/Acoustic Pop
"This is excellent songwriter material served straight-up. One voice, one guitar, recorded live…Rice has given listeners a predominately up tempo record of honest, raw emotion…The warm timbre of his voice is smoky and rich…this Louisville, KY based writer understands the importance of a simple phrase sung well."

"Lush with sweet heartbreak, the raw emotions and romantic vocals of Butch Rice's ACOUSTIC POP will make you remember why you fell in love with the music in the first place."
– Victoria Moon/Louisville Music News

"Rice's honesty and vocal inflections make it clear he feels every single word on his album; consequently, so does the listener. "
– Kevin Gibson/Louisville Eccentric Observer

"I get dozens of demos and CD's in the mail weekly…This disc grabbed my attention in a big way. The simplicity is what makes it so perfect. I would recommend this disc to anybody."
–David Hooper/Kathode Ray Music

"Butch Rice explores emotions heart first, honestly with conviction."
– Trey Mitchell/Editor, Sensored Magazine

"This album is living proof that some of the best music out there today is not coming from the big monolithic mega-labels, but insteadfrom the smaller independent labels like ear X-tacy…Butch Rice is the real thing. Do yourself some good and buy this CD."
– Joel Timothy/Broadcast Music

"…a strong presence on Louisville's original-music scene as a solo acoustic performer. His angst-prone songs, many of which center on love that is troubled, lost, or otherwise screwed up, are naturals for such intimate conditions."
– Jeffrey Lee Puckett/The Courier-Journal

"There are honest, mature pop songs available with lyrics strengthened with true emotions, sung with a richness that flows like warm silver under your skin. You'll find a baker's dozen of such tender mercies in ACOUSTIC POP…it's not the kind of recording you simply listen to. You languish in it."
– Tim Roberts/CD REVIEW/Louisville Music News
Available At: CDbaby.com/ButchRice & iTunes
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