the brinsk (aryeh kobrinsky)

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Healing & EasyListening / Acappella / Happy Hardcore
B R I N S K.
THE CD IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!! buy it at nowt records. Designer Raul Gomez and Illustrator William Block spent weeks on the album art and hard work paid off. A Hamster Speaks. the story of BRINSK is told. How did he get that laser monocle? Who is his arch-nemesis? What nasty black-ops lab created this vigilante hamster?

lotta love,-r.e.a.

chicago reader.

Bullshit-proof jazz.
recent praise from the montreal gazette.

Acoustic metal might sound like an oxymoron to some, but to Aryeh Kobrinsky it’s a viable compositional style, and a no-holds-barred approach to performance. Complex rhythmic structures which float over wide metal beats are the springboards for the two tenor players, Evan Smith and Noah Preminger, to build largely atonal, forcefully lyrical solos. Add to the mix Adam Dodson, a euphonium player whose instrument manages to smooth out the rough tonal edges of the “metal” band, to give it a chamber music quality—that is, when you can hear him through the thick drum and bass grooves.

time-out chicago.

"The Brooklyn jazzers transcend tradition on their latest, A Hamster Speaks."
midwest record.

And along comes a bass player that sees the jazz/rock idiom as so old and ingrained that it’s a genre in need of a kick in the pants. With Anthony Braxton as his lodestar, Aryeh Kobrinsky mixes metal with comics for a jazz/rock nu date that kids into noize that are ready to move beyond shoegaze will find inspiring in it’s atonal moments of creative dissonance. If you do the same drugs your parents did when they were listening to Miles Davis after he stopped bothering to give songs names, a generational bonding effort will have closed the new generation gap.

A collection of herky jerky rhythms, chaotic musings and swirling sounds. “Master” sounds like a free form coronation of The Lord Of The Flies, with it’s jagged horn ensemble. The eerie meanderings during “Andy” have a Sci-Fi feel to it, while the frenzied squacking of horns over the Hitchcockian bowed bass sounds like the climax to Psycho or The Birds.

r.e.a.'s bio
i am a midwestern man: born in winnipeg, manitoba, and i grew up in fargo, north dakota. i have 5 siblings: isaac, sarah, leah, hudi, and zach. i went to school in montreal and boston. i play bass and write silly music.

i have a strange obsession with hamsters.
i like ellipses
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