Brandon Miles

Presque Isle, Maine, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Down-tempo / IDM / Drum & Bass
Milled Pavement
Crunk Witch, comprised of vocalist/producer Brandon Miles and dj/procucer Hannah Collen, is an Electro-Rock husband and wife duo from Presque Isle, ME. For samples of music check:
"blissful catchy anthem-like electro-rock"
- Jemex - Boom Boom Chik
"Beautifully gruesome"
- Sandy Waybill - Musicouch
- Nikki Horton - USM Free Press
This 18 month old baby strives to challenge social faux pas through fables filled with fantasy and horror. Endorsed by PETA2, this band has played Over 100 shows with 5 tours and counting. Their quickly sold out debut, 'The Battle Beyond E.P.', was soon followed by the full-length record, "The Legends Of Manicorn". Released on Milled Pavement Records, the album has charted in the top 10% of all album sales on Along with various College Stations, blogs and podcasts; their album single, 'Buy One Get One Dead', has been played regularly by Mark Curdo on Portland ME's WCYY; who has also named the duo one of the top four breakout acts of 2010. If you would like to contact Crunk Witch you can email:
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