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Boytronic History

Originally founded by accident in 1983 by Holger Wobker and Peter Sawatzki in Hamburg, Germany. The original band name was Kapitän Sehnsucht
(Captain Desire). The band intended to write and play heartjerking and melancholic Electro Popsongs, sung in German.
They already where known in certain scenes in Germany. They did some strange jobs and performances. Like soundtracking some sex shows in clubs on the well known "Mile of sin", Reeperbahn in Hamburg, which caused some problems cause Holger hadnt reached age 18 already. And so it was srictly illegalbut well paid.
Also some producers showed interest. But it was a difficult time, cause the New German Wave had his best time behind and it wasnt so clever to sing in german anymore. But ignoring that fact they went to the studio and produced some tracks with Joachim Witt. Best known in Germany for individual and obstinate Pop. The result wasnt much satisfiying and so the record companies refused to sign the Band. This could be the end of the story but, what nobody could foresee.they had a long way to go.
Almost simultanously to the production Witt did, they went to a studio in Hamburg and recorded a track in english. It was a spontanious descision and more for fun. They recorded it three times, cause they werent pleased with the results. When they finished they hadnt exactly a plan what to do with it. They gave it to some record companies and same story most of them didnt want it. Except Mercury Records. They decided to give it a try. In the beginning the record didnt do so well. Apart from some clubs who played it every night.
But then some miracle happened and for the first time, luck was on their side. For some reason Kim Wilde cancelled the famous Formula One Show(Germanys Top of The Pops).and Boytronic took place for her. It was a srange performance, and the boys where a little embarrassed to watch it a few days later.But the record was an instant hit. "You" went top ten in Germany and many european countries. The First Album "The working Model" also did very well. So they decided to drop Kapitän Sehnsucht and go on with this.
But with success comes trouble. Boytronic is and always has been a idealistic band who wants to create something good and unique and didnt repeat themselves again and again. So this fact leaded to major problems with the record company. As they recognized that the band wouldnt turn into the expected moneymachine.they tried to force Boytronic in a different Direction.
In this period the work on the second album began and Peter left Boytronic before it was finished. Holger then teamed up with at that time, highly recomended Bobby Orlando. Holger liked the work Bobby O. did on the Pet Shop Boys and the simplicity that mostly comes to the point. So he went to New York and recorded some tracks. One of them "Men in a uniform" later was released as a Single and did well in Skandinavia and Benelux. In 1985 The second Album "The Continental " went to the shops and as you can hear, this is the result of confusion and disruption .A true document and very authentic album(by the way.we will release it as "The Continental Critical" later in 2005so you can make yor own judgement).
Peter and Holger got together again for the Single. "Late Night Satelite" and then Peter started work on his "Ultrabass" Project. He recorded two Albums. "Ultrabass " and "Planet Sys".
The last Boytronic single "Hurts" was released as a teaser for the 3rd Album "Godspell" in 1986. But unfortunately the Longplayer never saw the light of day. Some of the tracks where included in the "Kamerata" Album "Lovers and other Strangers".
After a long lawsuit betwen the Record company who claims the right to use the name Boytronic and Holger, who was realy tired of all this, he decided to start a new project called "Kamerata". His new Partner was Ralf Martens, with whom he did the "Hurts" Single already. The Band released one Album and three Singles. Then split up.
Strangely enough, the second major Hit Single for Boytronic came out at that time. "Bryllyant", originaly released as the flipside of the "You" 86 Remix, inspired some Belgian DJ to play it halfspeed. This version became a Clubmonster. Re-released as the slower Version, it went straight in the charts in Benelux and Great Britain and topped the Billboard Dance Charts. This also marks the end of the first Boytronic Period.
The second Boytronic band was casted by the record company and has in fact nothing to do with the original. But here we pay them some attention because life is strange and sometimes lines are crossing.
The members where Hayo Panarinfo, Bela Lagonda and Mark Wade as the Singer. They werent anything but lazy and released two Albums ("Love for sale", 1988 and " The Heart and the Machine" 1992). Also a bunch of singles beetween 1988 and 1995. They sounded different and suffered from the fact that theyre a Fake Band. "Dont let me down" made it to he charts in Germany, but stucked at position 48. The last single of this Boytronic Period was "Blue Velvet" in 1995.
And then there was Silence.
But behind the curtains.
Holger and Peter Sawatzki started to work again on a new project called "A Feather on the Breath of God". They had just finished the recording of demos for a whole new album when Peter was diagnosed of cancer and passed away very rapidly.
Holger decided to gave up singing and writing songs. He thought that this Band is cursed and went to a monastery in Thailand. He remains silent for one and a half year.

When he came back to Germany, he didnt thought of doing music again. He was more interested in leading a normal life with a job and a partnerjust like other people do.
But after a while he started writing songs again and had the idea to relaunch Boytronic somehow. And on the same day, he seriously tried to figure out how to manage, he recieved a call from Hayo Panarinfo. One of the members of the second Edition Boytronic Band. Hayo has exactly the same Idea.
So they met up and started working on "Autotunes" very soon.
The record came out in May 2002 and brought Boytronic back to Life. In the meantime both of them where very busy.Holger compiled and re-released sucessfull the first Album. Now called "The Working Model Reverse" and works on a second project called "Beachhead" with Hans Johm from Leipzig. They release the first record in September called "Drowning tonight" and it contains 63 minutes of Music. Also released on Hayos own Label "Major Records", a Double CD called "Maxi" (released July 2004), which is a Compilation of all 80s twelve Inches and a few new Tracks as well as a re-release of Boytronics classic 1985 album "The Continental" (released Nov 2005) including 4 new tracks.Boytronic are currently working on a new Album which will be called "Dependence",which is set for a release in May 2006.

They are also included in a new compilation series entitled ELEKTRISCH!
with their 2002 song :A song for the lonely" in a brilliant remix by New Concept.

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